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Packing List – 4 Items to Add to your Packing List for Better Sleep

Whether you travel frequently or infrequently, there are things that you pack for your journeys that will help you sleep more peacefully no matter where you are. If you do travel more regularly, then you know some suggestions from the past that have worked. If this is one of your first times going somewhere new to sleep, you may have to try a few different things before you find something that creates the desired result. Having good sleep is an important aspect of travel. Here are four things to add to your packing list that can improve sleep while traveling, also, you can add those to a packing list for a family trip, and it will fit perfectly!

Start with four concepts, and find out which ones are ideal for you. If you are tense when you sleep, then taking a mouth guard with you can vastly improve the quality sleep while traveling. You can take a small noisemaker with you to help mask any sounds that might keep you awake. You can carry a small bottle of your favorite scent with you to relax you in your new environment. And don’t forget to bring your favorite book with you, as reading will often help you relax. 

Packing List for Better Sleep

4 Items to Add to your Packing List for Better Sleep

A Mouth guard as Packing List

Lots of people grit their teeth when they sleep. Especially if you plan on traveling, bring a mouth guard with you so that you won’t wake up with an aching jaw. Sleeping in a new environment may cause you to grit your teeth more than usual, so it’s doubly important to have this with you while traveling.

A Noisemaker as Packing List

If you’re sleeping somewhere that you’re not familiar with, there may be noises that keep you awake. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to either take a noisemaker with you to help you sleep, or purchase a noisemaker app on your phone that will help block out environmental noises. White noise is a favorite among many people. Other folks appreciate the sound of rain or thunderstorms as a calming effect.

Your Favorite Scent

Another hack for helping yourself sleep while traveling is to bring your favorite sent with you. If you research which scents help sleep, you then just have to pick out one of those that you think suits you the best. One of the most popular is lavender. So, if you have a small bottle of lavender oil that you bring with you traveling, you can take a few quick deep breaths of it as you are trying to go to sleep, or maybe even use a diffuse if one is available.

A Good Book

You’d be amazed at how helpful it is to have your favorite book around when you are trying to fall asleep. Plus, chances are, that a book is already on your packing list. So, if you’re planning on traveling, get the paperback version of your favorite novel and keep it with you as a sleep aid! Electronic devices can keep you awake with their blue light, so a book with actual physical pages is the right idea in this context.

What else would you add to your packing list to improve sleep?

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