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4 Things You Should Know When Buying Climbing Shoes

4 Things To Know When Buying Climbing Shoes

If you are interested in rock climbing then that’s great, and honestly it’s a great sport, but on the other hand you do know the fact that one wrong move can make rock climbing very dangerous for you. Especially if you don’t have the proper rock climbing shoes then things can get pretty dangerous for you and the chances of slipping and falling increase too. The point is that yes, you do need to buy quality rock climbing gear but the most important thing that needs your attention is your shoes.

Especially if you are someone who is climbing the rocks for the first time then you need to get beginner climbing shoes instead of the professional ones. Yes, you read it right, there are even different types in rock climbing shoes which is why today we are here to tell you about some of the must-knows when buying these shoes so that you can spare yourself from all the confusion and hassle of buying a perfect first pair of climbing shoes.

How to Pick your Climbing Shoes

1- Buying at a popular mountain shop

You need one experienced sales person and some experienced staff when you are buying your first pair of climbing shoes. As said earlier, you cannot take any risks with the quality of your shoes or else you can fall victim to a serious injury. So, make sure to head to a reputable mountain shop where they sell mountain climbing gear and shoes. At such shops, you can even try the shoes on and check if they fit perfectly or not.

2- Buy an all-purpose rock shoe

As a beginner, you will obviously climb on all different terrains and mountains so it’s better to start with an all-purpose rock shoe. All all-purpose rock shoe comes with a stiffer sole and it also covers your ankles etc. So that you don’t get injured with the scrapes. Also, this will help you experiment with your foot and you’ll know how you are comfortable so make sure to buy beginners climbing shoe first and then shift to the pro ones.

3- Rock shoes always stretch

Usually, the rock shoes stretch and once you start wearing them, they start opening up horizontally but if you are buying the rock shoes that have rubber bands and lining then know that these shoes won’t stretch no matter how many times you wear them. In short, before making a purchase, just be careful and try the shoes on first, see if they are too hard on your feet or if they are causing pain. If yes, then don’t buy that pair no matter how good they look. Remember, your comfort comes first and you don’t want to destroy your feet just because the shoes look good to you.

4- Do a test run

Go to a climbing gym and test your shoes first on the shoe demo area. This will help you know whether the shoe is perfect for your feet or not. You can even talk with the company’s shoe rep as he/she can help you decide the type of shoe you want that will fit your feet perfectly.


These are some of the things you need to know before buying climbing shoes. Again, climbing rocks is a great thing and yes it’s a healthy activity too but if you really want to get the best out of it then make sure to invest in a perfect pair of rock climbing shoes.

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