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4 Summer Activities for Families in Costa Rica

Lately is seems like more and more US citizens are leaving the country looking for a simpler life in a warmer climate. This is not just a vacation, but a new long-term life change, a new-start with a different career, or to continue with your business abroad. One of those places is Costa Rica. It is a tropical country with tons of natural beauties, tropical weather and kid friendly people, the safest of Central America. Ideal for keeping a good work/life balance, here is a list of suggestions may help to make the big decision of uprooting even more appealing.


4 Things to do for Expats in Costa Rica for summer

1. Hit the Beach

This is one of those things that you HAVE to do in Costa Rica. Here you will find gorgeous white sanded beaches that open up to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. On some of these beaches you can also find furry friends, like monkeys, playing around.

2. Fishing

You will find companies offering fishing adventures on both coasts of Costa Rica, and even in the Arenal lake region. These are two in one adventures, because to get to the fishing point you have to go on a relaxing boat ride along gorgeous blue waters.

3. Explore the National Parks

Costa Rica is known for having tons of national parks and protected areas that you can explore. In them you can find many different kinds of exotic animals as you enjoy the different eco systems. Being Manuel Antonio and the Arenal National Park a couple of the most popular.

4. Wander around the Central Valley

This is a region of Costa Rica where you find San Jose City and all of the museums and attractions that come with it. The Central Valley is also a place where coffee and volcano tours are available.

5. Go cruising

This is by far the best way to explore the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. If you get here during the right time you might even run into a few dolphins or whales. Plus most include a tasty meal and drinks.

Summer is the perfect time for this because the weather is warm and there is little chance for a cloudy and rainy day that won’t allow you to enjoy the views or sun.

What do you think about these five options? In my opinion, they are the best way to enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer during the summer months.

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4 Summer Activities for Families in Costa Rica

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