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4 Smart Ways to Redeem Frequent Flyers Reward Points

The Frequent Flyers Reward Points in Australia have around 20 million members combined, making them a lot more successful than other ‘clubs’. For members, it is very important to redeem these points in the most beneficial manner.There is a number of ways in which you can redeem the earned or bought reward points. However, the foremost thing is to fully understand the offer of your airline and know the ins and outs of your reward program.

Frequent Flyers Reward Points

For this, you can also take the assistance of advisors such as offered by Points Bank, as it keeps you updated with the entire current rewards program, helping you to make the most of your points.

So if you have rewards points and you are wondering how to get the most bangs for your points mile buck? Here are the top 4 tips to help you with that.

Get Yourself Business Class or Upgrade Seats

Flying first or business class can easily cost you thousands of dollars. But if you have already collected reward points, you can have this luxury effortlessly and for about twice the miles amount you would spend on a domestic flight round-trip.

Another best way to redeem your hard-earned reward points is to use them for upgrading a seat to a better class, such as business or premium economy.

Ways to Redeem Frequent Flyers Reward Points

Free Flights

Who doesn’t like to travel for free! But only those who have rewards points get this luxury. So if you have sufficient points, use them to pay for a flight to your favorite destination. However, this might not include any taxes, fees or surcharge in terms of ‘free flight’.

Before you give away all your earned points for a flight, make sure the ticket is not already discounted. If you think it is economical to buy a discounted ticket then save your points and use them for other benefits or upgrades as we mention below.

Vouchers and Flyer Store

One of the most appealing ways for many reward program members is to use these points to buy a range of items from flyer store. You can use these reward points to purchase appliances, electronics, apparel, or beauty. In some cases, all you need is to make a purchase online and your reward is instantly sent to you.

You can also redeem your points for different departmental store vouchers. This may also include supermarkets, hotels, and others.

Partner Services

You must have seen people earning points from airline’s partner services but do you know that you can also spend points with them? For instance, you can use points to hire a car as you reach the destination, to buy tickets to a sports event or pay for your hotel room.

In other words, the powerful world of frequent flyer reward points gives you the ability to use such reward points for donations or charities and travel insurance.

In the bottom line, frequent flyer points are not just to buy another flight but now these reward programs are offering a lot more than you can even think of!

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