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Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala for Families

There are many things to do in Antigua Guatemala, it might be a tiny city, but it is filled with a lot of culture & history. It is also a place filled with great restaurants & bars for all tastes & budgets. I have made it my task to explore the many restaurants it offers.

This has been an incredible adventure, and even though many of them are great, there are five that stood out.

5 of The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala 

1. Cafe de la Escalonia

The first time I visited this restaurant I fell in love with it. The tables are in the middle of a beautiful garden. It is located in what used to be a coffee farm. But it’s not just a restaurant, in it you will find books, ornamental plants & local handicrafts for sale. This is also one of the favorite restaurants of my son because he gets to run around as we wait for our food.

Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala for Families - Escalonia

2. Chateau DeFay

This is the first and only vineyard of Guatemala. Here you can take a tour along the vineyard, spend some time playing mini-golf or eating at their small restaurant. Before you go home you might even want to buy some of the cheese or wine that they offer. It is located 10 min away from Antigua in a tiny, old, indigenous town.


3. Gaia

Gaia is a beautiful Mediterranean style restaurant where they serve delicious food. You can come here for lunch, dinner and for some drinks with friends at night. You will find it in one of Antigua’s most popular streets: Calle del Arco just half block away from the arc.

4. Cafe Condesa

This is a restaurant located in what used to be a house back when families had 10 or 12 children. You will find it right on the Central Park. It is known among locals as the place where you can have the best coffee in Antigua, I think it is great! The entrance is a book store with some great options. Then you get to a beautiful garden, if you keep on walking you will find 3 more rooms with tables for you to choose from.

Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala for Families - Cafe condesa

5. Kabuki 

I know that when traveling to a new place you want to try the local food but. If you and your family ever find yourselves craving authentic Japanese food you will want to come here. This is a small space, not a lot of space for your kids to run around but the waitresses are great and the food is amazing.

Some honorable mentions go to Hobbitenango and Cervecería 14. They have a lot of space where kids can play safely while you relax with good food.

What do you think of these restaurants in Antigua Guatemala? Have you visited one of them? Do you want to?

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Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala for Families

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