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4 Reasons You Will Thank Yourself For Maintaining A Travel Journal

With the world’s information at our fingertips, maintaining a travel journal or a travel scrapbook almost seems like an ancient practice.

Maintaining a physical journal seems even more of a step backward when there are so many free journaling apps out there with hundreds of features at your disposal.

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Let’s see why you should still take up this hobby.

1. Emotional Outlet

One of the hardest parts about traveling alone is the fact that there is no real emotional outlet for you to share your thoughts and feelings with. While you can call someone, staying in touch with family and friends while traveling can be hard with time zones in the way.

Additionally, you may not even have purchased a local SIM or saved money by only purchasing a domestic calls SIM which charges money by the minute to talk on the phone.

There might even be problems with local internet or the inability to find free wifi. All of these problems can complicate communication, especially international communication.

Your travel journal can become your buddy, someone you can share every thought with without having to worry about complaints or any judgment.

2. Pass Time During Travel

From the outside or through portrayal in media, the life of a traveler seems non-stop and full of adventures. With hardly any time to sleep or relax, nomads always seem to be on their way to the next life-changing sunset.

The reality, however, is quite strikingly different. Whether it is traveling domestically or internationally, a lot of time is spent waiting. 

Waiting for a flight, waiting for a taxi, waiting in line to enter a museum, waiting for your turn to take a picture, waiting in a tourist attraction line, or even waiting for the train to reach a destination. 

This means that you will have a lot of time to yourself and what better way is there to pass time than to write about your recent adventures while you wait for your station on an 18-hour train ride?

3. Content For Future Blog

While you may not be traveling intending to ever start a travel blog or make any social media videos about traveling, you may be underestimating how addictive traveling can be.

Once you get a taste of it, you might want to do it as your main income. This is exactly where a travel blog and a journal come in handy.

You will already have all of your experiences written down and all you would have to do is hire Writers Per Hour to write blog posts and articles for you.

4. Noting Down Your Epiphanies

You will often hear people tell you all about how an event changed their perspective on something that matters to them.

This is a common experience for many travelers because the truth is travel can change your life significantly

All around you, you will find people who live differently from you, hold different beliefs and even see whole societies built around values completely different from what you were taught.

Seeing societies like these and seeing their zest for life, their passions, their difficulties, and their happiness can alter your perspective on life immensely.

However, these lessons, inspirations, and epiphanies should travel back home with you and the best way to remember them is to just jot down what you are feeling in the moment.


Finally, keeping a travel journal also has some practical uses such as making to-do lists and noting down any important details someone tells you. 

It is also great for remembering passwords, addresses, and phone numbers if your phone runs out of charge.

This is your sign to buy a beautiful journal you will love!

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