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4 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas That Aren’t About Gambling

Las Vegas is an outstanding place where you find a crazy variety of attractions and places to visit. But because of the popularity of casinos and bars, most people look at it as a huge party city. But the truth is that there are a lot of things to avoid in las vegas and things to do that range from kid-friendly museums, crazy adventures in the desert, to cosmetic procedures like getting botox in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is an outstanding place where you find a crazy variety of attractions and places to visit. Here are top 4 reasons to visit Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Attractions

My Top 4 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas

The Hoover Dam

This huge landmark has two extremely important tasks to do. It is in charge of avoiding the surrounding land and cities from flooding, as well as providing electricity to a large part of the local population.

You can take a tour of it while a guide tells you everything about it. This truly allows you to appreciate how immense it is.

Las Vegas Top Attractions

Grand Canyon

There is nothing like seeing this huge landscape. It Grand Canyon is 443-km long, 16-km wide, and as deep as 1.6-km. There are many ecosystems that it encompasses, so it is advised to take some time, at least a few days, to explore as much as you can of it.

However, it also makes an amazing one-day trip.

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The Neon Museum

Las Vegas has a long history and an important part of it are its signature neon lights. This Neon museum was created to show all visitors how the city and its neon ads have changed.

It is a lot of fun to see the lights from old businesses that used to be icons.

Tons of Daily Shows

There are tons of theaters all over the city. Each night they are all offering some different kind of show and most of them are different.

There are magic shows, concerts, and even unique stuff like Cirque du Soleil. You are guaranteed to find something you like.

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