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4 Reasons Visit Jamaica with Kids

Reggae music, street food, vibrant colors, rich culture, incredible weather – there is no wonder why Jamaica has been rated 2019’s number one Caribbean destination by Trip Advisor!Four amazing things that you can do when you Visit Jamaica with Kids.Take a look at this list on Caribbean Family Travel.

Some families may feel hesitant to travel to this popular island nation with their children as they worry about the increase in crime that has been reported there. However, as long as you know how to stay safe in Jamaica, it is actually a top family vacation destination to consider. Below are a few reasons why.

Visit Jamaica with Kids

Why You Should Visit Jamaica with Kids

Water activities

It doesn’t matter the age of your little ones; kids will have countless fun-filled water activities to enjoy while vacationing in Jamaica. Toddlers can take full advantage of the shallow paddling and rock pools that scatter the beaches, while those with older children and teens will love the more adventurous offerings. Think surfing, snorkeling, diving and, of course, swimming with dolphins. The best place to do this is at Dolphin Cove, which is located in the tourist-friendly, coastal town of Ocho Rios. Mom or dad can stick close to the little ones and assist them in petting the dolphins, while children and teens venture off on their own mission or learn how to care for the dolphins through the dolphin care program offered there.

Nature attractions

Parents who are eager to teach their kids all about nature will love the fact that Jamaica is simply brimming with natural wonders and plenty of toddler-friendly hiking trails. Why not book your all-inclusive resort in Jamaica today if this the sort of vibe you are looking for?

The Dolphin Cove Nature Trail Hike is particularly popular. Encourage your children to keep an eye out for snakes (non-venomous), colorful birds, and other exotic animals and insects, like large iguanas and dragonflies.

Beach trampolines

If you make your way to Doctor’s Cave Beach in the bustling town of Montego Bay, kids will have the pleasure of spending the day bouncing around on beach trampolines generously dispersed across the warm, glistening sand. This means that mom and dad will have plenty of time to relax, get some sun, and unwind.

There are even a few trampolines located out in the ocean! These, however, are reserved for much older children and teens, as they will need to swim or use afloat in order to reach them. And of course you can forget the best sunscreen protection for kids

Theme parks

All kids love theme parks, and Jamaica is certainly no stranger to them. Aqua Sol Theme Park, also located in Montego Bay at the Walter Fletcher Beach Complex, is a firm favorite among locals and tourists alike. It allows kids to enjoy a host of watersports, go-kart racing, and more. The park also has two full-size tennis courts, which are shaded by large trees, making it pleasant to enjoy a game of tennis even on the hottest days of the year. It is a popular nighttime hot spot too, boasting live music with an impressive line-up that includes local and national reggae and pop acts.

Need any more reason to head over to Jamaica for an amazing family vacation that the kids won’t be quick to forget? I didn’t think so! Enjoy.

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