Mexico Travel – 4 Reasons Why Punta Mita Is The Ultimate Luxury Travel Destination

Often playing host to well-known actors, athletes, musicians, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, the private peninsula of Punta Mita is among the most exclusive resort communities in all of Mexico. If you are interested in enjoying a lavish vacation with beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and unforgettable resorts, then you absolutely need to add Punta Mita to your priority list. By no means is it a cheap vacation, but most would agree that it is worth every penny.How to have a luxury vacation in the gorgeous Punta Mita, Mexico.Take a look at this post to learn about luxury travel Mexico travel.

Mexico Travel

Of course, there are a lot of beautiful and exclusive resort communities in Mexico. You might be wondering if this particular one is worth your time. Let’s cover some of the top reasons why Punta Mita is the ultimate luxury travel destination.

  1. An Amazing Climate

Punta Mita enjoys perhaps one of the best locations on the entire globe. The peninsula and the sea around it enjoy stable, pleasant weather throughout most of the year. During the hottest summer months, the temperature rarely rises above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. And during the coldest winter months, it rarely drops below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can schedule a stay in Punta Mita whether it’s the middle of May or the start of January.

The year is divided into two marked seasons. The first is the dry season and the second is the wet season. The dry season ranges from November to May and the wet season is from June to October. The peak of perfection is during the months of December to March.

As pleasant as Punta Mita is, you should definitely check with the weather services if scheduling a vacation during the raining season. It is possible for the area to experience several inches of rain during some of the wet season. It is also possible for hurricanes to pass through the village. It’s a rare occurrence and one that can be avoided with preparation.

  1. Nearby Gems

Punta Mita is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, but there also happens to be many impressive attractions within a thirty-minute trip. If at any time you don’t feel like relaxing at your resort you can plan a trip to any of the nearby destinations. Here are just a few of them.

First on the list is Sayulita. This is a small village just fifteen minutes north of Punta Mita. Sayulita is a world-renowned surfing and fishing village. It also offers plenty of paddle boarding opportunities, shopping destinations,  local bars, and a weekly farmer’s market. The village is full of culture and color that is unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere in the world.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can travel off of the coast of Punta Mita to a set of nearby islands known as the Islas Marietas. These islands may not seem to offer much from the outside, but if you’re willing to explore, you can find some really impressive scenery. One of the islands is home to a hidden beach that is only reachable after passing big waves and a rock wall.

  1. The Best Resorts In The World

Plenty of people visit Punta Mita and spend their entire vacation enjoying what their resorts have to offer. After all, it is home to the Four Seasons Punta Mita, one of the world’s top resort destinations. Even if the Four Seasons isn’t right for you, there are multiple resort hotels and villas sprinkled around the area. Each of them is overflowing with a sense of elegance and luxury. These include the Casa de Mita, St. Regis Punta Mita, and more than a dozen smaller sub-communities.

It’s impossible to list all of the lavish amenities you can expect to encounter at such resorts. There are oceanfront pools with swim-up bars, steak and lobster dinners at tables on the beach, poolside cabanas, complimentary massages, complete spa packages, and friendly staff that is willing to wait on you hand and foot. Punta Mita is the only location in Mexico where some of these luxury resorts can be found and thus the only place in Mexico where you can expect such an exceptional level of service.

  1. Plenty Of Local Activities

The three biggest activities in the area are surfing, golfing, and whale watching. If you enjoy any of these three then you will never have a dull moment in Punta Mita. As a matter of fact, you’ll need to carefully plan your itinerary or you’ll never get to experience all that the peninsula has to offer.

As far as surfing goes, much of the peninsula is surrounded by shores with consistent waves that are the stuff of surfer dreams. They aren’t the largest and most challenging waves in the world, but they are enough to keep you busy throughout the entire day.

The community has become a popular destination for surfers from around the world and it’s even become popular with the stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) crowd. Are you interested in experimenting with the waves for the first time? There are several surfing and SUP schools located in the area. You can even take private lessons from surfing legend Kalle Carranza who teaches in the area.

The only thing more impressive than the surf is the legendary golf experience. The Bahia and The Pacifico are two courses designed by Jack Nicklaus. In particular, Punta Mita is home to the “Tail of the Whale”. This hole features the largest natural island green on any golf course in the entire world. It’s also a challenging par-three. The Tail of the Whale continues to challenge even the most experienced professional golfers.

Finally, there’s no wrong time to relax and enjoy watching humpback whales. As long as you arrive between the months of December and March (the peak season in Punta Mita) you can board a boat with other enthusiast whale watchers and enjoy a truly spectacular show.

What’s Not To Love?

A trip to Punta Mita is not one you will ever forget. It’s the ultimate luxury travel destination in the world. Whether you’re a celebrity, a tech giant, or an average Joe who want to enjoy a weekend of fine living; you need to visit the Punta Mita resort community.

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

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