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4 East Africa Travel Destinations That You Didn’t Know About

It is easy to be under the perception that East Africa is nothing but a large jungle with lots of wildlife, no development and no buildings. Also, Africa is only portrayed as a poor continent, with lots of poverty and famine shown on the media, when, in fact, there is a whole other side to it.East Africa travel has to offer for all visitors. Most of them are located in Kenya and Tanzania.There are a lot of places East Africa travel

East Africa consists of countries like Kenya Uganda and Tanzania. These are all beautiful countries with a mix of cultures, history, nature, wildlife, beaches, industries and much, much more. In this article, we will highlight a few major tourist destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. If you are planning to pay a visit to East Africa, Viva Africa Tours will be able to provide you with special packages that let you experience the best of both countries.

East Africa Travel Destinations

4 East Africa Travel Destinations


Mombasa city is our personal favorite destination in Kenya. It is the second largest city in the country. A very unique city located on an island, Mombasa offers everything – the city life, the beaches, culture, local shopping and amazing local food! Mombasa is surrounded by two creeks, Port Reitz and the Kilindini Harbor, which separate it from mainland. People in Mombasa are warm and very welcoming; main residents being Swahili and Muslim Mijikenda people. The lifestyle there is very laid back. A common reference to the city is ‘Mombasa Raha’, meaning ‘freedom’. It is warm most of the year, so pack light! Places tourists love to visit in Mombasa include Fort Jesus in Old town, Diani in Ukunda, lighthouse, Mamba Village, Butterfly Park and many more exciting places.

Maasai Mara:

Another huge tourist attraction, and Kenya’s premier national park is the Maasai Mara. It was established in 1961 to protect wildlife from hunters. Here, you will be sure to see a plethora of grassland and different types of birds and animals. The Masai Mara is in southwestern Kenya on the border with Tanzania. The Mara River runs north to south, having plenty of hippos and crocodiles. Watch out for the big five when you visit the Mara.


Another beautiful island worth visiting on your holidays is Zanzibar, located in Tanzania. Zanzibar has a very rich history for those who love to discover new places. Sea food variety here is mind-blowing.  You could choose to spend the day in Stone-town, visit Forodhani market or just laze by the beach. The number of things you can do here are limitless.


The great Serengeti is by far one of the largest National parks in Tanzania. Here, you can expect to see the Big 5, much like in the Maasai Mara, except this park is much larger. Also, you can witness the famous Serengeti annual migration, the largest and longest overland migration on earth. The lodges here are also commendable for those who do not like to camp.

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