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4 New Awesome Family Vacation Ideas for the New Year

If you are thinking of traveling with your family in 2017, it’s time for you to start planning. Want to discover a new destination but not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered! Check out below for 4 family-friendly destinations for you to explore. Four unusual but great family and awesome vacation Ideas includes a little bit of everything so that you can pick the right place for your family.

4 New Awesome Family Vacation Ideas

1. Samui

For families who love turquoise sea, pastel sunsets, pristine coastlines, Samui is the place to go. The white sandy beach of Chaweng, Bophut beach with the charming Fisherman’s Village, culture and history, there are plenty for you to see and things to do in Samui. The Thai island has been known as the sanctuary of sublime marine life great for diving and snorkelling.

There are plenty of offshore island around Samui, making a great destination for a daytime trip or an overnight camp in nature. For travelers who prefer to stay on dry land, there is an array of activities, from cultural immersion cooking classes to adrenaline-pumping hikes or go-kart sessions.

Completed with a relaxing stay, where the soothing waves and cooling ocean breezes lull you to a peaceful chamber, the sun-filled getaway is the perfect way to spend the holiday with your loved ones.

New Year - samui

2. Phuket is a great place for Family Vacation Ideas

Another tourist hotspot in Thailand, Phuket offers plenty of beach time and fun-filled activities for travelers.

If you are in for a cultural tour, temple-hop to explore the different sides of Thai culture. There are also a number of intriguing museums where you can get a glimpse into the island’s rich history and tradition.

For a pampering holiday, you can’t go without a stay in an opulent villa or resort, traditional Thai massages as well as fine dining in some of the top restaurants on the island.

New Year - phuket

3. Sri Lanka

An exotic travel destination, Sri Lanka promises an experience like-no-other. Not sure what to do in Sri Lanka?

Other than enjoying the suite life of an aristocrat in a colonial villa, spending a peaceful afternoon on the veranda, letting your gaze drift over the tea terrace, towards the pastel horizon while sipping the freshly brewed copper liquor, you can also explore wildlife in close-up or go on a cultural immersion tour to gain insights into the country’s history.

New Year - sri lanka

4. Mauritius is a great place for Family Vacation Ideas

For the adventurous souls, venture a bit further to the island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, the so-called island Eden.

Known to be an excellent wildlife reserve, Mauritius allows you to explore a plethora of exotic animals, birds as well as magnificent marine life. The island is also famous for the selection of mouth-watering delicacies, from world-famous restaurants to off-the-street seafood stalls.

Luxury resorts and family-friendly villas are aplenty in Mauritius, ensuring that you will have an ultra-luxe experience for your much-need downtime.

New Year - mauritius

For the curious minds who want to explore different parts of the world, these destinations promise a fulfilling holiday where you can relax, rejuvenate, as well as enrich your knowledge and broaden experiences. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to book your way to the family holiday of your dream.

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