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4 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Boat

Every aspect of the purchasing process should be considered carefully if you plan on purchasing a boat. Not only is the purchase of a vessel a considerable investment, but the way you plan on using the ship will affect its functionality and your enjoyment. In order to assist you in your boat buying process, this post will cover four of the essential components that you should consider when buying a boat.

Buying A Boat
  1. How You Will Finance The Purchase

Buying a boat is an expensive endeavor, and most people don’t have the finances to purchase one. However, if you are not willing to part with your savings, you need to use finance. Finance can be an arduous process, and it may take weeks before a loan application is approved or rejected.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to buy a boat through boat financing because they cannot afford the cost of purchasing a new ship outright. If you opt for finance, you should understand a few things. For example, your boat interest rate will vary depending on the cost and duration of the loan. Therefore, it is in your interest to find the sweet spot between the length of time it takes to pay it off compared to the interest. Another aspect you will need to contemplate is how much you will ultimately end up paying in comparison to the depreciation rate of your vessel. To get the best loan available to you, you should take into account the following:

  • Determine the down payment: If you can, you should pay a larger initial down payment to pay back the loan as quickly as possible at the most affordable price.
  • Determine how much you can comfortably pay each month: It is no use paying back a loan within two years if your monthly payments are crippling. You want to enjoy your purchase, so you must calculate what you can afford to pay each month.
  • Check your credit rating: This will ultimately be the judge in what kind of loan if any, you may be eligible for.
  • Compare different quotes (and read the fine print): Getting several quotes is a sensible thing to do. However, you should check each offer in detail. For example, you could get a fantastic rate but end up with larger payments than expected due to high loan origination fees charged on top of the loan itself as a processing fee.
  1. Don’t Forget Insurance

Once you have spent a fortune on your vessel, you will need to get it insured properly. Many things can happen, and you don’t want to find yourself out of pocket when they inevitably go wrong. Ensure that any insurance coverage not only covers your boat but includes personal liability if you accidentally damage another ship. It is remarkably easy to crash your boat into others, especially when navigating a tight harbor, which is why you will need to be covered. Another factor to consider is theft insurance. You should always ensure that the marina provides you with theft insurance as part of the mooring fees. 

  1. How Much Time Will You Spend Boating?

Before you do anything, you should write down a detailed summary of what you will use the boat for and how often you will use it. This is of utmost importance, as if you find that you won’t have the time to devote to your new car, you will simply waste your money. Buying a boat is an emotional decision and unlike purchasing a vehicle. When you buy a car, you will know the reasons why and will drive it accordingly. However, a boat is primarily used as a recreational vehicle, meaning that it will only ever cost you money. Chartering a boat might be your best bet if you’re not sure how much satisfaction you’ll get from your purchase. Hiring a boat for an extended weekend will provide you with sufficient information to decide whether boating is something you enjoy or not.

It’s also important to think about where and how to store your boat. For instance, nowadays there are plenty of boat storage options to choose from and therefore it is important to research some of the most popular opportunities in your local area. For example, if you live close to Lake Geneva Winter Boat Storage companies such as Jerry’s Majestic Marine could be a good fit for your new boat.

  1. Are You Prepared To Go Back To School?

Ust like driving a car, piloting a boat will require some education. A small, outboard motorboat is rarely affected by this rule, but anything more significant than that will require some schooling. Depending on the vessel’s size, you may need a license or certification to use it legally. Each country and jurisdiction will have different laws and regulations regarding this point, so you should research what you will need before spending any money. Nonetheless, even if you don’t require a permit, you should engage in some form of education that will enable you to act correctly in the case of an emergency.

When buying a boat, there are many things to consider, but these four stand out as critical considerations. Many people who do not know what they are looking for end up spending more money than originally intended. Always remember that you are buying a boat for recreational purposes, not to cause you extra stress.

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