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4 Heavenly Destinations That Bring You Closer to Mother Nature

The internet is brimming with notes on the healing powers of Mother Nature. Philosophers, poets, writers, thinkers, and naturists have penned volumes on the rejuvenation and rebirth we experience in the wilderness. Cosmopolitan travelers who adore the luxuries of lavish hotels and resorts often find it challenging to take the road less traveled. Ditching your comfort zone for the beaten track of a rugged cliff is never easy, but it’s endlessly rewarding. Are you eager to connect with Mother Nature and rejuvenate your mind and soul? Here are the Destinations That Bring You Closer to Mother Nature.

Destinations That Bring You Closer to Mother Nature

Nature disconnects us from our devices and tunes our hearts to the rhythms of cascading waterfalls and falling leaves. Walking in a wildflower meadow with breathtaking views of soaring vistas all around triggers a process of mental cleansing and catharsis. We lose sight of our challenges when faced with a steep climb and a mighty mountain bigger than our entire existence. Such is the power and magnificence of nature – everything seems small and irrelevant in comparison. 

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains, United States 

There’s no better place to witness the spellbinding glories of Mother Nature than America’s most popular and most-visited national park. The Great Smokies have it all – from cascading waterfalls and alpine lakes to glorious wildflower meadows, rolling hills, and snow-glazed peaks. Everywhere the eye turns, one gets to witness astounding views of the scenic expanse. 

The Smoky Mountains National Park is a hiker’s paradise, as the region is sprawling with hundreds of rewarding nature trails. Seasoned adventurers can embark on the 7-day Appalachian trial running through the park for an invigorating wilderness journey. It’s wise to sort out your accommodation before arriving at a crowded tourist destination like the Smoky Mountains. Travelers, couples, and families prefer booking places to stay in Gatlinburg, a centrally-located alpine town with easy access to nearby attractions. 

Gatlinburg is the heart of the region, nestled in proximity to Pigeon Forge, Cade’s Cove, Clingman’s Dome, and other popular attractions. What’s more, this quaint alpine town is brimming with a budget and luxury accommodations and lavish cabins with splendid views. Gatlinburg has a vibrant art and cultural scene. If you plan it right, you can attend some incredible local festivals. 

  1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Are you ready to witness the magnificence and glory of the world’s highest waterfall? Contrary to what most believe, Angel Falls takes the crown from the breathtaking Niagara Falls with its soaring 3,213-foot cascades. Located in Venezuela’s Bolivar state, the Angel Falls are the precious gem that makes the Canaima National Park a must-visit destination. 

Did you know that the Paradise Falls depicted in Pixar’s high-grossing animation film Up was inspired by Angel Falls? That’s right, for the majesty of the world’s highest waterfall has inspired countless artists worldwide. The waterfall originates from Auyán-Tepuí, the Devil’s Mountain, without coming in contact with the sheer face. The falls are surrounded by a dense, verdant forest that opens up hundreds of nature trails for seasoned adventures. 

If you’re up for a mind-blowing adventure, consider hiking up to isolated Angel Falls. You’ll have to navigate the thick forest, but the views are a feast for a nature-loving soul. It’s wise to engage with local tour operators instead of venturing out alone. 

  1. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand 

Do you wonder what Planet Earth looked like billions of years ago, before the advent of modern infrastructure and technologies? We advise heading over to the Fiordland National Park and witnessing pre-modern landscapes with your own eyes. This scenic expanse of wilderness is New Zealand’s most well-preserved natural reserve, offering us a glimpse into the unfiltered beauty of nature. 

Entering the park is like sitting in a time-traveling machine and transporting yourself back in time before human settlements populated the planet. The park is brimming with awe-striking waterfalls and mountains that inspire peace and tranquility to silence the mind. Tucked in the South Island, the Fiordland National Park takes its name after its glacier-carved fiords. 

Exploring Doubtful and Milford Sounds is a refreshing experience that will always linger in your mind. You can embark on a scenic nature trail leading deep into the forest, alongside the sandy shores of Milford Sounds. This nature walk is brimming with breathtaking views of the majestic Mitre Peak, Mirror Lakes, and Earl Mountains. 

Hikers have much to rejoice in, for the park is brimming with enthralling nature walks and trails. Waterfall lovers can head on the Chasm Walk to enjoy soul-satisfying views of waterfalls and the Cleddau River. The park is famous for some of the most incredible hikes in New Zealand, including the Routeburn, Milford, and Kepler. 

  1. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores are a mesmerizing archipelago decked with scenic splendors and the breathtaking beauty of the Portuguese landscapes. Lisbon-bound travelers must explore the Azores to rejuvenate their souls with spectacular views of the ocean, rugged waterfront cliffs, and lush green valleys. The landscape is brimming with majestic waterfalls and fields of dazzling blue hydrangeas that beckon you to come closer. 

The Azores is nothing short of a paradise that opens up the glorious bounties of the Atlantic for travelers to explore. The landscapes are dramatically rich with verdant greenery, wildflower meadows, quaint villages, and sweeping mountains. Visiting the local fishing villages will allow you to witness the local culture and feast on incredible farm-to-table dining experiences. 

Nature lovers must head over to Sao Miguel, home to the Gorreana Tea Plantation and stunning calderas. Mt. Pico beckons adventurers with its adrenalin-raising trails and scenic vineyards brimming with glorious views. The Azores are a splendid destination to enjoy watching dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. 

The islands are home to the rarest cetacean species in the world, including bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales. Adventures are abundant, and it would take months to cover every attraction the Azores offer. We advise mapping a realistic itinerary so you can explore the best the archipelago has to offer within your scheduled vacation. 

Final Thoughts 

Our world is brimming with scenic and majestic destinations that offer a glimpse into the glorious bounties of Mother Nature. Choosing one destination can prove overwhelming, so it’s wise to look within for inspiration. What kind of experiences does your heart crave? Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a paradise concocted by your dreams. 

Where have you transported yourself? Most people crave white sandy beaches and azure blue waves, while others dream of rugged cliffs and snow-laced mountains. Look within to find your adventure calling and select a dream destination to fulfill it. 

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