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4 Future Airline Innovations Worth Following

Traveling on an aeroplane in the modern era is a very different experience from the very first powered flight made by the Wright Brothers back in 1903.There are many Future Airline Innovations coming up but there are four of them that are particularly exciting that we can all follow.

Innovation and technology have completely transformed the aerospace industry, thus allowing people to travel wherever they want in the world.

Airlines are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition, particularly when it comes to the premium end of the pricing scale.

Read on as we look at four exciting developments that could further transform the global airline industry over the next few years.

Future Airline Innovations

Future Airline Innovations To Keep an Eye Out For 

5G Connectivity

Many leading airlines currently offer Wi-Fi services to their passengers, although the user experience is sometimes a little hit and miss due to connectivity issues.

However, that could soon be set to change with numerous telecommunications companies currently working with the airline sector to introduce 5G broadband solutions.

Numerous industry experts have predicted that the tech should become increasingly available to passengers over the next two to three years.

That creates the enticing possibility of people being able to properly enjoy entertainment activities like watching live soccer matches during a flight without worrying whether their connection will dip out.

Wellness Ambassadors

Etihad Airways recently introduced a new team of ‘Wellness Ambassadors’ as part of an expanded health and hygiene programme on its flights.

The multi-lingual staff are also available 24/7 via live chat and email, allowing passengers to get real-time answers to any questions relating to health and well being while flying.

All Wellness Ambassadors undergo stringent training at the airline’s training facilities in Abu Dhabi and online to ensure they meet the company’s high standards.

Many other airlines are expected to follow Etihad’s lead over the coming months, making this a development that is fully expected to become the ‘new normal’ in the future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality tech has taken off with many great VR games available, but the big jump is going to be mainstreaming the technology, and that includes integrating it in the airline industry.

Some airports and airlines have made plans or are already implementing VR, and many more are expected to jump on the bandwagon in due course.

Iberia were one of the first to add VR tech to its in-flight entertainment offering, allowing passengers to access movies, games and other immersive experiences.

VR gaming on flights may be a stretch too far, but it can be used to help people who are afraid of flying to overcome their fears by creating a relaxing visual environment throughout the flight.

Retractable Cabins

If you have ever dreamed of joining the Mile High Club but were afraid of being caught in the act, Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects may have invented the perfect solution to the problem.

The company has designed a retractable aircraft cabin, which can be used to create different spaces tailored to individual customer demands.

This includes restaurants, spas and sleep pods, opening the door for a truly personalized in-flight experience on long-haul journeys.

Airbus has also joined in the fun by expanding on its Airspace concept to incorporate customizable cabins into designs for planes in the future.

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