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4 Funny and Incorrect Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away from You

Mosquitoes are really annoying, and they can also carry diseases, especially if you reside in certain parts of the globe where diseases like malaria and West Nile virus are prevalent. So it’s no wonder that there are many tactics that people use, as well as many products, in order to keep mosquitoes away. But some of these strategies are actually mosquito repellent fails. Continue reading to learn more about four funny and incorrect ways to keep these bugs away.Four techniques that you can use to avoid mosquitoes to biting that don’t really work.Keep Mosquitoes Away – In this article you will find.

Keep Mosquitoes Away
Photo by: Ramón Portellano

1. Putting Bug Spray on Before Sunscreen
Many people end up putting on their bug repellent spray prior to applying their sunscreen and heading out for some fun in the great outdoors, but the CDC actually suggests that you instead apply your sunscreen and then the bug repellent spray of your choice, whether you opt to use a cream or a spray.

Another mistake that a lot of people make is purchasing a combination product that contains sunscreen and bug repellent. Regardless of how convenient these products might be, the sunscreen typically has to be reapplied a lot more often than the bug spray, so it’s actually best to keep these products separate and apply them individually as needed.

2. Using an App
Even though you can find an app for just about anything these days, the truth is that your smartphone won’t be effective at repelling mosquitoes. So avoid falling victim to apps like Anti Mosquito: Sonic Repeller, which claims that it can keep bugs away by utilizing a high-frequency sound. You won’t notice the sound, but mosquitoes will, at least that’s what the app claims. The truth is that research has shown that these types of apps aren’t effective at decreasing the number of bites people get, and one study even showed that the number of bites actually increased by 33%.

3. Electronic Repellents
In the same way that apps that you download to your smartphone or iPad aren’t effective at repelling mosquitoes, you shouldn’t bother with electronic mosquito repellents either. Again, these won’t reduce the amount of bites you receive while outside, and these products might actually cause an increase in bites.

4. Eating Garlic
Some people think that eating garlic will repel mosquitoes, but the truth is that this is yet another ineffective tactic. However, you can try rubbing pure garlic oil on your skin. It will repel mosquitoes for a short period of time, but you may not like the smell very much.

Protect Yourself with Vaccinations
When traveling to parts of the globe where mosquitoes, and the diseases that they transmit, are prevalent, talk to your doctor before you head off so you can get the appropriate vaccinations that will protect you. With places like the London Travel Clinic making it easy to get the shots that you need, there’s no reason to go unprotected.

Now that you know a few of the ineffective ways to keep mosquitoes at bay, you can improve your strategy and replace these incorrect tactics with effective methods that will keep you safe and bite-free.

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