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4 Fun DIY Fall Decorations

Fall is the beginning of a crafter’s favorite time of year.  From the weather cooling down, people’s minds can be more creative to stores stocking all sorts of goodies that make decorating your home that much more exciting- fall has it all.  Fortunately, for do it yourself crafters, there’s a lot to gain from taking the time to create things.  You can save money, get closer to loved ones by working on a project together, or find a new hobby that will fulfill you even when the seasons change again!Four fun DIY Fall Decorations that you and your family can do to make your home prettier during seasons.Here’s list of DIY Fall Decorations.

Here are four DIY fall decorations that you’re better off making on your own!

DIY Fall Decorations

Inspiration for DIY Fall Decorations


A wreath doesn’t have to be a couple of dozen pinecones glued together- nor does it need to be anything like your picture for a holiday wreath.  You can get creative and invent a wreath, unlike anything you’re able to find in a store.  From a plastic (or real!) pumpkin wreath built using twine and a wire base to a wreath made out of colorful felt leaves that match your home’s decor, you can make it out of anything.  Some DIY decorators even make wreaths out of things that exemplify their personalities, like a kitchen-themed one for a baker, or a paintbrush and palette themed one for an artist!  The sky’s the limit.

Scented Decor

Cinnamon and toasted marshmallows are the popular early fall scents right now.  Although you can’t go around decorating your home with toasted marshmallows, you can use cinnamon sticks!  Creating anything from a home-made cinnamon stick broom to welcome in guests with some spice can infuse your home with their fresh smell; cinnamon has endless possibilities.  Those rearing for a new hobby can take up lessons on how to make candles or soap as well!  Make a scent that’s unique to you, and enjoy this new skill for years to come.

Painting Nature

This idea is easier than it sounds.  To paint some natural surfaces, you can work with as expensive or inexpensive paint as possible.  Pick out something like a tree trunk slice or a pumpkin, and decorate it so that it goes well with your home.  You can paint a nature scene on it, working off classic Bob Ross tutorials on youtube, or you can paint a simple ‘Welcome’ sign to hang on your door when you have guests arriving. 

Purpose and Aesthetic

Not everything has to be for looks!  There are some crafts you can take up that will leave your home a more organized place, as well as more fashionable.  A classic go-to for this is the mason jar organization.  Paint one side of a mason jar with chalk paint, and then write the label of what’s going into it.  You can also decorate these jars with twine, ribbon, or anything else that strikes your fancy.  Taking up a hobby like a wicker basket weaving will leave you with more room than you knew your home had, and let you give up on Halton real estate in favor of staying in the same house.

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