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4 Up-and-Coming Thai Regions to Invest in Asia Real Estate

With the cost of living in the major western countries becoming increasingly more difficult for people to be able to afford, many people are deciding to invest in property abroad.Four of the up and coming regions in Thailand that you can consider to invest in property.Find information about Asia Real Estate.

Thailand, with its stunning beaches, lush jungles and booming economy has become a popular investment location. The capital Bangkok is the most familiar city, but there are other lesser-known areas that offer more bang for your buck and are perfect for people looking to invest in a Asia Real Estate to retire to or own for vacation purposes.

Whether you enjoy a more rustic setting amid lush jungles in the mountainous north, prefer a slower pace working on your tan while lounging on the pristine beaches along the Gulf of Thailand or Andaman Sea or you crave the bustle of a big city, Thailand offers a little of everything for those looking to relocate to live abroad.

Asia Real Estate

1) Hua Hin

Located just a couple of hours south of Bangkok, Hua Hin was once the seaside retreat of choice for the Thai elite. Due to Thai laws restricting land ownership, condos are the preferred domicile. Most property management companies list their available options online. For example, Hua Hin Property Partner has hundreds of homes and condominiums listed for sale on their website.

The lively seaside town of Hua Hin is known in expat circles for its great culinary scene and the taste of the good life it has to offer. One of the most popular attractions is the night market, where you can find all sorts of Thai handicrafts while dining on fresh seafood from the numerous food stalls.

It is a popular region with retirees due to the excellent health care, including the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, a satellite branch of the capital’s famous hospital. There is even a yearly jazz festival held on the beach featuring musicians from all over the world.

2) Chiang Mai

For those who prefer a more temperate climate, this town located in the foothills of the north is an hour-long flight from Bangkok.

As the center of the northern Lanna culture, Chiang Mai is the home to hundreds of Buddhist temples and holds a deep reverence for Thailand’s past history. There is even a moat surrounding the historic walled old city situated. This offers a stark contrast to the modern amenities available such as theaters featuring first-run feature films and western-style shopping malls.

There is also world-class health care available with many health clubs and spas. And with an average temperature of 77° in the cool season, Chiang Mai has possibly the best weather in all of Thailand.

3) Phuket

Dubbed the “Pearl of the Andaman”, the largest island in Thailand will stun you upon your arrival by air. You pass over the lush green tops of the jungle only to be blinded by the beautiful white sand beaches and azure water.

Phuket might very well be paradise with the dry season temperature usually in the 70’s combined with gentle offshore breezes. And having fully recovered from the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, you can either relax by the beaches or enjoy the lively nightlife and excellent food scene featuring some of the best seafood in all of Thailand. With the 2nd largest airport in Thailand located here, you can also transition to any part of Thailand without having to make a stop in Bangkok.

4) Bangkok

Originally famous for being the R&R destination of choice for GI’s during the Vietnam War, Bangkok has grown into a bustling modern city with all of the conveniences one could want.

With a large concentration of expats from a variety of countries, there is an abundance of social clubs and dining options providing a taste of home. The capital is also home to the best healthcare facilities in the country. The surrounding suburbs offer stunning views of the capital while giving residents a bit more space to enjoy for themselves.

For those who desire a taste of the exotic east, Thailand is an excellent choice to look at investing in Asia Real Estate.

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