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4 Can’t-Miss Activities in Miami Beach

You wouldn’t go to Miami Beach just to laze around in your hotel all day, would you? For that kind of vacation, you could simply visit someplace closer to home — not one of the top tourist destinations on the planet. Miami Beach has tons of things you can do aside from lying in your hotel bed or getting a tan on the beach, and to get the most out of your vacation you should put the following activities on your to-do list. Out of the many things that you can do in Miamy beach, there are four Activities in Miami Beach that you can´t miss while visiting.

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Activities in Miami Beach

4 Activities to do in Miami Beach

Browse Through Lincoln Road Mall

he Lincoln Road Mall uses an older definition of “mall” than the usual indoor shopping venue. It’s a long pedestrian-only street that passes through the center of Miami Beach and features all kinds of shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment hotspots either on the road itself or close by. You can find some exclusive merchandise and unique eateries there, making it a must-visit destination for every tourist. Even most Miami locals will head to the Lincoln Road Mall to do some shopping or catch a movie.

Take an Art Deco Tour

Miami Beach developed quite a bit during the first part of the 20th century thanks to cars and planes making it easier to get to Florida for a winter vacation. This happened to be right around when Art Deco was the style in fashion, and so the beachfront still has plenty of Art Deco buildings and decorations. You can book a guided tour to get some stories on your walk, or you can just stroll down Ocean Drive and see plenty of amazing buildings.

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See the Animals on Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a zoo on its own island, and it’s a convenient place to stop when you’re coming from Miami Beach, the airport, or a nearby hotel. The zoo dates back to 1936, and the island also offers a Japanese garden and the Miami Children’s Museum. Jungle Island isn’t as big as the more modern Zoo Miami to the south, but it’s much easier to reach from Miami Beach and its small size means you can fully explore the zoo and still have time left over for other activities.

Walk Through South Pointe Park

The southern edge of Miami Beach features a large park with a long path that meanders by the water, lots of shade from the many trees, a restaurant and snack shop, a playground, and several sculptures. You can also get a great ocean view or watch the beachgoers to the north on South Pointe Pier. You can bring your fishing pole and tackle and try to bag some saltwater fish. Just don’t forget to get a saltwater fishing license before you head over.

There’s plenty more to do at Miami Beach than what’s on this list. You can swim at the beach, you can charter a fishing boat to try and land something big, you can spend an evening at a bar or nightclub, and you can visit the many museums in the area. At a tourist destination like Miami Beach, you won’t have any trouble finding fun things to do.

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