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4 Best Travel Conventions in the World This Year

If you love to travel or you work in the travel industry, then you should attend a travel convention. They take place all over the world, showcasing the host city and country as well as the latest trends in travel. At Inspire4Travel, we are always on the lookout for the best places to visit, and we consider these to be the four best travel conventions in the world.Four best conventions from around the world that happen every year.Look at this list of Best Travel Conventions you want to visit?

Best Travel Conventions

1. The New York Times Travel Show at the Javits Center

New York City is a great place to visit for any convention, especially when it is held at the Javits Center. The New York Times Travel Show is regularly held at the Javits and the conventions should not be missed. The convention features nearly 750 exhibitors from around the world. There are over 280 experts and speakers sharing their knowledge of the industry. Over 170 countries are represented and over 35,000 people attend at least one day of the three-day event.

2. IMEX America in Las Vegas at the Sands

Las Vegas is another great American city that knows how to host conventions. The IMEX America is at the legendary Sands Resort. This show features vendors from over 155 countries representing over 3,500 vacation destinations all under one roof. It’s an affordable convention to attend as transportation and lodging to Las Vegas has several price points. Even though the convention is three days, plan a few extra before or after the event, because Las Vegas has plenty to offer both on and off The Strip.

3. WTM: World Travel Market in London

The World Travel Market Convention in London is another must-attend event. This three-day event takes place at Excel London. Over 50,000 visits make their way through the halls to check out the nearly 5,000 exhibitions that showcase products, destinations, and more. But, this convention is so much more than just a showcase as companies take time to interact and negotiate deals during the three-day convention.

Exhibitors from all areas of the travel industry attend this event. In previous years, the sectors included experts in airlines, camping, cruises, event management, group travel, IT, museums, media, restaurants, retail, spas, theme parks, trade associations, and VIP travel, just to name a few. While international flights to London and accommodations can be pricy, if traveling is your passion, this event is one to see.

4. ITB China in Shanghai

The ITB China show is a newer one that focuses on the up-and-coming Chinese travel market. This is another three-day event, but this one is all about China. But, it doesn’t mean the event is small. Over 800 vendors and exhibitors are in attendance. There are B2B events scheduled around the city. The Chinese travel market continues to grow at an exponential speed as more Chinese have the disposable income to use on flights, cruises, and tours all over the world.

If you’ve never been to China, this show gives you a good reason to check out one of the most populated cities on the planet.

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