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4 Best Places to A Yacht Charter Internationally

For those who do not want to deal with the upkeep on a yacht, there are many international companies that will allow you to go on a yacht charter for a day or week. This allows you to indulge in offshore sunsets, midnight ocean swims and sleeping at sea in a more affordable way. Included here are a few of the best places around the world for yacht charters.

If you have ever delved into the Twitter world of #yachtlife, you will see that countless people have made owning yachts their personal dreams. An emblem of wealth and power, yachts are typically known as a “billionaire toy.” Fortunately, yacht ownership has become more affordable in recent years, making it more possible than ever to hit the high seas.

4 Best Places to A Yacht Charter Internationally
Photo by: Phuket@photographer

4 Best Places to A Yacht Charter Internationally


With over 300 pristine islands and crystal clear turquoise waters, Fiji offers one of the best yacht experiences around the world. Take time to explore secluded lagoons, thriving coral reefs, and amazing private beaches. Fijians are also noted as some of the most friendly people you will meet around the globe, so take time to get to know the locals and indulge in the laid back lifestyle.

Seychelles Islands

The immensely private and secluded nature of the Seychelles makes them a prime destination for all sorts of vacations by the rich and famous. These islands off the coast of Africa offer tastes of nearly every natural beauty known to man. Cruise along shores of immense granite cliffs and dive in the immaculate coral reefs. Because these are all low-lying coral atolls, island-hopping is fairly simply within the Seychelles.


For a warm welcome and unforgettable escape, head to the “Land of the Smiles.” Thailand offers incredible geography with white beaches, tall mountains, blue waters and lush forested areas. To enjoy the less populated aspects of Thailand, head to Phuket; this will also give you the chance to view untouched flora and fauna within hidden coves and bays.

Thailand offers you the unique experience of fantastic day trips aboard a yacht, with a thriving nightlife easily accessible. The dining options are plentiful as well, so this can be the ideal destination for those who want to take a “secluded” day trip but still get out on the town come nightfall.

Sicily, Italy

For the ultimate in Italian adventures, consider chartering a yacht from the beautiful city of Sicily. This part of the Mediterranean promises waters as blue as the Caribbean coupled with breathtaking landscapes. The volcanic islands, called the Aeolian islands, are located only 35 miles north of Sicily. To enjoy beautiful city scapes while on your trip, consider visiting the Port of Palermo which offers world-class galleries, opera houses and museums.

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