4 Beaches in the Costa Rica South Pacific – Osa Peninsula

This region is a region known for being home to the largest portion of preserved land in national parks of Costa Rica. Some other things you will find in it are: the highest mountain in Costa Rica, Mount Chirripo; Pavones, one of the longest left surf breaks in world; and Corcovado National Park, one of the most biologically diverse places in the world.

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Golfo Dulce in Puerto Jimenez

4 Best Beaches in Costa Rica South Pacific

1. Dominical

This is a laid back town where you will be able to experience walking barefoot or swinging in a hammock in this cool seaside village. So if you want to relax this is the place for you. But if you are a beginner surfer I wouldn’t recommend it because of the strong wave currents.

It is located only 3 hours away from the nearest international airport. Making it a great option for those looking to skip the cities and move on to the beach right away. Also, make sure you check out the Mario Ballena Marine Park while you are there.

2. Drake Bay

This is a secluded spot of Costa Rica popular among nature lovers and eco-tourists. You can only access it by plane or by boat and sometimes by taxi. Don’t be surprised by how remote this place is because locals want to preserve the natural environment of a natural world. For me, this was the best thing about it.

This quaint little town is where you want to be if you are looking to go to the amazing Corcovado National Park. But keep in mind that the place is so secluded that you won’t find things like ATMs, so be prepared.

3. Puerto Jimenez

This is also a secluded place of the Osa Peninsula with a tiny town of barely 3,000 inhabitants. Puerto Jimenez is a beautiful place where you will find dirt roads, well developed tourist infrastructure, luxurious hotels, a variety of restaurants and lots of great tours. It also borders with Corcovado National park.

A few of the things that you should definitely try here are sports fishing, boat tours to see dolphins, and hiking the pristine local rain forest in search for the colorful scarlet macaw.

sunset in Puerto Jimenez

4. Pavones

It is famous for its left point break. It is one of the longest surf breaks in the world and is the pride of Pavones. It has been recorded to last up to three minutes on a slow, south swell. So surfers this is your call!

But surfing is far from being the only thing to do in the area. Fun activities such as canopy tours, horseback riding, exploring a wildlife refuge and relaxing at the beach are going to keep you busy. Plus, there is no shortage of restaurants and hotels.

Which of these beautiful beaches of Costa Rica caught your eye? For me it was Puerto Jimenez and the sport fishing tours.

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4 Best Beaches in Costa Rica South Pacific

Last Updated on May 27, 2023

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  1. Really Costa Rica is a wonderful Beach Vacation place. And you correctly shared what things to do in Costa Rica… I am really enjoy the Mount Chirripo trip in Costa Rica..

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