4 Best Restaurants In El Salvador

The beaches of El Salvador are well known among surfers. Some say that they are the best surf spots in Central America. After hearing that, I decided to take my family there to see what it was all about. Plus, they are not too far away from the Guatemalan border.

We have since been to El Salvador a couple of times. It is a fun place to visit on a long weekend. During those trips we have visited a few restaurants and a few stood out. Most of them aren’t fancy, but the food and service make up for it.

Best Restaurants In El Salvador

4 Restaurants You Must Visit on The Balsamo Coast

1. Hola Betos Restaurant 

fine dining sunsal beach el salvador hola betos restaurant

This is a gorgeous, elegant place with an open-air dining area from where you get amazing views, especially at sunset. They focus on serving dishes that involve some kind of seafood and delicious drinks made out of fruits El Salvador has to offer. The ones we got to taste were delicious. But there are also other options such as pizza for those who aren’t fans of seafood.

The service is really good but keep in mind that your food might take some time to be ready.

Tip: Try to get there early because parking can be an issue once the restaurant starts to get full.

2. Sharky’s Restaurant

Photo by: Sharki’s

This is a small open-air restaurant with no A/C, run by the owner. Their service is extremely friendly. The food is delicious, beautifully presented and at a good price for what you get. Their menu has options such as fish, burgers and pizza.

If you go to the second floor you will be eating in the middle of tree branches and sometimes even birds. It is definitely a place where I could spend hours just enjoying the sounds of nature, a good book, and a smoothie.

Because of its location, it might be hard to find but keep looking, you will be glad you did.

3. AST La Terraza

la terraza restaurants in el salvador
Photo by: La Terraza

This is another elegant place where you get to eat while enjoying gorgeous views of the sea. It is especially good for romantic dinners because of the setup. On their menu, you can find Mexican and international-style dishes and lots of seafood. If you are lucky, you might even be in time to enjoy some live music.

The food is really tasty and the service friendly. The price is definitely right.

4. La Casa de Frida Restaurant

casa de frida restaurant el salvador
Photo by: La Casa de Frida

This restaurant is located in El Zonte. Here you will find a varied menu that also makes emphasis on seafood. There is good reason for making them their specialty, most of their dishes with seafood as the main ingredient are the best.

The place is beautiful. Tables are laid out in the middle of a garden and covered by palm trees, all of this only meters away from the beach, providing great views and a relaxing atmosphere.

Last Updated on May 12, 2023

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