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4 Awesome Places you Should Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a historical city with many pieces of attraction as well. Yes, from awesome and attractive sculptures and paintings to scenic beauty, one can simply be enthralled looking at the awesome and immense beauty of the place. It is a must visit place, at least once in a life time, to check what the place has to offer. Obviously, it offers its own hidden beauty which can’t be expressed in mere words and the increasing strength of tourists is actually the perfect reflection of its hidden charisma.Four of my favorite places in Pennsylvania and the reasons why you should visit them.This is a list of places you should visit in Pennsylvania

Places you Should Visit in Pennsylvania

Let’s now take a look at some of the attractions of Pennsylvania which really attracts tourists from far and wide:-

Old City

Anyone, who takes a stroll of the “Old city”, will realize the extent of hidden historical treasure, this part of the world is associated with. Yes, those who are planning to visit the place, well; it is a neighborhood in Central city of Philadelphia.  The charisma of place dating back to the historical era relating with the birth of United States, is enough to take the tourist down the memory lane of rich history. For example, one will surely get the feeling of 18th century era while walking down the cobblestone streets.

Bushkill Falls

Want to be mesmerized amidst the beauty of nature? If yes, then this is the place waiting right for you. As you are a proud spectator of the beauty, you will realize, how lucky you actually are, amidst the fun-filled and thrilling moments, you would surely want to capture and take the memories back home.

Considering the list of never ending attractions, Lititz, PA is certainly a place with history and needless to mention, that the natural beauty, such as Spring Park etc is something which further gives reasons for tourists to visit.

Tour Gettysburg Battlefield

A historical place is nothing without showing about the struggle, courage and sacrifice happened in the past. Yes, located at 1195 Baltimore Pike, the museum speak volumes and is a perfect reflection of the extent of trauma which the history has been witness. Yes, one can transport back in time to the devastation which a decisive battle has caused. Yes, it is arguably one of the most disturbing battles happened in the history of America. One can surely relate to the toughest of battles, history has offered us to show through the museum.

Bicycle Heaven

If you want to take look at the most pristine and ancient bikes numbering as many as 4,000 unique ones, then you should visit this world’s largest museum. Yes, you can relate to how interesting, your visit is actually going to be. You can also witness different bikes which you would have seen in the movies as well.

The place offers diverse attractions right from historical to scenic beauty to amusement parks, a tourist can be thrilled to know the city with its own charm. Yes, it is hard to resist for sure. So, what are you waiting for?

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