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Travel Health – 3 Ways to Deal With the Effects of Traveling on Your Digestive System

Traveling is a lot of fun, but everybody knows that it absolutely wreaks havoc on your body. Not only do you feel sluggish and tired from sitting around and doing absolutely nothing all day, the high multitudes of people, the cramped quarters, the changing altitude and moisture in the air, and the bad airport food set your body into a funk that is hard to get out of.How to avoid getting sick of having some disorder on your digestive system while traveling.In this article, you will find tips about travel health.

Even eating healthy and incorporating exercise into the routine doesn’t seem to make the recovery much easier. It’s a part of traveling that you just learn to accept because traveling is fun…once you get to where you’re going at least.

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Travel Health – Avoid Problems With Your Digestive System While Traveling

If you’re somebody who always seems to get blocked up in the digestive system, suffers from gas that you can’t let out due to the confined space in the aircraft, and you struggle to recover even days after you’ve landed on solid ground and have given your body time to adjust, there are ways you can deal with those effects of traveling on your digestive system:

For Good Travel Health Eat all the Fiber

You might be able to get by on little dietary-related supplements that keep you regular while home and on the ground, but while traveling, your digestive system gets in a funk and you have to feed your body the kinds of foods that keep it regular.

Eating fiber will help. Foods that are high in fiber include avocados, asian pears, berries, figs, coconut, nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds and quinoa. Keep these foods constant in your diet while out and about to keep yourself regular. There’s nothing crappier than a poop less vacation.

Only Use Laxatives As A Last Resort

If you’re traveling and you’ve not been able to take a dump, it’s okay to use a laxative every once in awhile, but you must exercise caution and restraint. Your body can become dependent on laxatives and that’s really the last thing you want in your life. If you’re having long-standing problems with your colon after travel, you might want to see if there is something else going on that might require professional help.

For Good Travel Health Drink Water

Water. Drink water. Drinking alcohol will make the problem worse since it dehydrates you. If you’re having trouble relieving yourself during travel, the issue might be as simple as dehydration. Water is essential to all processes of the body. It’s easy to lose water in the hustle and bustle of airport living.

In addition to this, the changing altitude, the people around you, the high salt foods, the soda, and the cabin pressure and ventilation system will pull the water out of your system by osmosis.

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