3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

I had the unbelievable honor of being invited to the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy cruise. During this trip, I was able to thoroughly explore the boat and have fun at the off cruise experience in Castaway Caye. However, there is a good reason why I don’t go on a lot of cruises. I tend to suffer from seasickness, at least in the beginning while my body gets used to the movement.

Do you, like me, suffer from seasickness, but want to experience a Disney Fantasy Cruise? Have no fear, The Senses Full-service spa has us covered!

disney fantasy cruise senses spa and salon

Funnily enough, I get seasick on small boats but not on huge cruises, but when I entered Senses and had an acupuncturist offer a complimentary cure,  I said “What the heck!”

This is just one service you can enjoy while out at sea!

3 Must Do Pampering Sessions at the Disney Fantasy Cruise Senses Spa

1. Private Escape – for $16 for the day, you can enjoy the simple pleasure that is restricted to a few people at a time. With comfortable chairs, three types of showers that offer different water streams and pressures, and a sauna.

senses spa disney cruise fantasy

2. Manicure and pedicures – my oh my! Enjoy yourself! Just make sure to turn off your phone to get in the moment of being on the open seas. The vest part is that there are curtains for privacy. But they also allow you to all chat if you visit with friends when open.

manicure and pedicure at a disney cruise fantasy chill spa

3. Massage with a tropical twist – in a private massage room you can get amazing treatments from basic massage to full body wrap in chocolate and other tropical blends in a warm blanket.

massage on spa disney fantasy cruise

So which one did I go for? NONE! If you can believe it, they were sold out for all my free times within 2 hours of sailing. So you will have to either book before boarding or have an extremely open schedule to be able to experience these treatments.

In my case, I preferred to spend them exploring and enjoying other areas of the cruise with my family. But I still want to go back some day. Just like this spa, there were other things I didn’t get to enjoy and still want to.

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3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

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  1. No one can beat the massage. Just lie there and be massaged, wow amazing. Time to pamper yourself.

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