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3 Ways for How to Make a Video Online for FREE

If you love to travel then you probably love taking videos of all of your adventures. Click here to learn how to turn your videos into online videos that you can save and edit as you please. All for FREE. Keep reading to learn more.Top tips on how to make a great and professional video online for free.Take a look at my advice about how to make a video online.

How to Make a Video Online

In just a few years, video will account for more than 80% of all traffic on the internet. If you’re managing a brand or a company, even if that brand is just you, you need to be creating lots of video content. Learning how to make a video requires knowing about editing, shooting, and having great content.

Here are 3 ways to edit your videos so that you can make your content shine.

1. Edit On Your Device

When you shoot videos on your device, you sometimes have the option to edit within that device. That’s typically called an “in camera edit”. During an in-camera edit, the on and off buttons are what dictate the cuts.

While this isn’t always an option on digital media, where each on and off button press triggers a new file to be made, you can shoot one long clip and edit it down. This video can be quickly and easily posted online in seconds.

If you’ve got a great clip on your device but could use just one continuous portion, you could edit it down on your device. Take your time to make sure you leave enough of a beat at the beginning and the end. If you cut too abruptly, the video will be a little “off.”

2. Use Free Software On Your Computer

Many computers now come with free video editing software. While these tools aren’t often very sophisticated, you can usually string along a series of clips to create a high-quality video.

This free software on a Mac is typically called iMovie. On a Windows PC, it’s simply called the Photo and Video Editor. You’ll get a variety of options to trick your video out and even get to edit the sound a little.

While this is meager when compared to other, more expensive video editors, it makes for good videos that can be easily shared online.

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3. Try Adobe Video Maker

If you’re looking for a free video editor that has a lot of fun options and gives you high definition quality, look no further. Adobe’s Video Maker has the wide range of features that you can find on the company’s best software. It’s also free to use and boasts robust tech support if you have any issues.

Adobe Video Maker will allow you to make pro-quality work without any of the investment. Video equipment is expensive, but cost should never prohibit anyone from working on their projects. If you’ve got ideas to put out to the world, free video editors are here to help you.

Learning How To Make a Video Takes Time

When you’re first exploring how to make a video, you’ll make a lot of mistakes that other people might not even notice. When you start making great content with great cuts and edits, you’ll be wowing people left and right. The comments you get on a well-edited video will blow you away compared to ones without those edits.

Great video demands great sound, so check out our recommendations for great headphones to go along with your set up.

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