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3 Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Feel Like Your Actual Home

Traveling can be a great way to experience different areas and meet new people. But if you’ve been traveling for an extended period of time, no matter how much you may like where you’re visiting, you’re bound to miss a little of your life at home. So to help you take full advantage of your travel time without spending too many sleepless nights missing your own home, here are three ways you can make your travel home feel more like your actual home.Three amazing recommendations about how you can make your vacation rental feel more like your own home.Take a look at these vacation rental tips.

Vacation Rental

3 Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Feel Like Your Actual Home

Set Up Pictures From Home for vacation rental

One of the biggest things people find themselves missing when traveling is their friends and family. While it’s now easy to call or video chat your loved ones, seeing their faces around your home is still something that can help take the edge off for many travelers. And although looking through the pictures on your phone can help, Nancy Trejos, a contributor to USA Today, shares that actually setting up pictures of friends and family in your room can do a lot to improve both your mental and physical health while you’re away from home. So next time you travel, try to find a little space in your bags for a few framed pictures of the ones you love.

Pack Your Normal Pillow

Nothing feels better than sleeping in your own bed. And because you can’t take your entire bed with you while traveling, the next best things is to bring your own pillow. While some travels will make this an impossibility, Dan Rafter, a contributor to, writes that using your own pillow while staying in a hotel or other travel lodging will help you sleep supremely better. Not only this, but using a pillow your head is used to sleeping on will help reduce the likelihood that you wake up with neck or back pain from sleeping in positions you’re not used to. This sense of home may prove invaluable to you while on the road.

Light A Candle for vacation rental

We’ve all heard that scent is one of the strongest factors tied to memory. Because of this, it only makes sense that creating a home-like aroma while traveling will help your accommodations feel much more like home. Eleanor Busing, a contributor to, suggests bringing either a smaller version of a candle you use frequently at home to light in your hotel room before turning in for the night or strategically placing dryer sheets or other small objects with a familiar scent throughout your bags so you can be pleasantly surprised with a welcoming aroma when you’re away from home. With your eyes closed, you may even forget that you’re not in your own home to begin with!

By thinking creatively about making your vacation rent your own, you can give yourself a true home away from home. Use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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