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Art Travel – 3 Ways You Can Experience Art While Traveling

Traveling is one of the best and easiest ways for an individual to experience art. The world is bustling with artisans who have skill and talent beyond belief, and much of the time their art is free to see. While you can go to the museum after museum and you can see much of what is going on in the art world right from the screen of your computer, there is something so amazing about getting out in the world and experiencing art face to face.Three ways that you can find an enjoy the best of local art while traveling.Take a look at this short list of Art Travel.

Art is so multifaceted. Whatever fulfills somebody creatively is art. With this being said, if you’re on the road and you’re looking for things to fill up your schedule that are going to be rewarding to your own psyche but also might cause you to think and learn, or even cry or laugh a bit, here are 3 ways you can experience art while traveling:

Art Travel
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Art Travel – 3 Ways You Can Experience Art While Traveling

Walk the Markets

Markets are a way of life for so many countries. In the states, farmers markets are around and although a little bit harder to come by there are always local artisans who are proudly displaying the very things that make them artists. If you’re traveling in foreign countries, markets are even easier to come by. They’re everywhere.

Take a stroll down any given marketplace and you’ll see a host of different kinds of art. The art might look like a perfectly filleted piece of fish and it might look like an intricate piece of beaded tapestry or regalia. When you walk the streets and simply look at what is around you, you’ll experience more art than you ever realized was so close at hand.

Pop Into the Shops

While you’re out on your leisurely stroll through the marketplace, don’t neglect the storefronts that you see around you. The shops all around you are full of goods from local artisans and if you just pass by without so much as a cursory glance, you’ll miss the treasures that await inside. It’s all about just being open to looking at things. You never know what you’re going to see or what is going to impact you. You might walk into a shop and see a sheep rug that was handwoven by a village woman. That rug is one of a kind. A piece of art anybody should be proud to own. If you don’t pop into the shops, you’ll miss out.

Discover Museums and Installments

Wherever you go, there will be big museums that house many of the great masterpieces of time in them, but oftentimes it’s the little museums that hold the really amazing stuff. If you want to experience something special, search for hole in the wall museums and art installments that are hiding in corners of the city you never thought to look. That’s where you’ll have the most fun.

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