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3 Versatile Outfit Ideas for Your Next Business Trip

When you’re traveling, one of the most important things you have to do is pack light. Packing light not only saves you from paying overweight baggage fees, but it also helps make your trip less stressful. The lighter you pack, the more you can rest assured that you only brought the things you need with you on your trip, and there’s nothing in your bags that won’t be useful during your travels. Packing for business trips can be a bit difficult though, especially when it comes to the clothes you bring. You have to bring several different outfits to maintain a professional look, but you shouldn’t bring too many clothing items with you. Having a capsule wardrobe of sorts during your travels will help make your next business trip go smoothly, but you’ll need to have staple items that can be worn in a variety of contexts. We’re here today to give you three versatile outfit ideas for your next business trip. Specifically, we’ll show you how to wear mens travel pants in multiple outfits suitable for different occasions. By the end of this article, you’ll be fully prepared to pack light for your next business trip while looking great. 

Outfit #1

man wearing short sleeve shirt white cargo pants and sandals

For this first versatile outfit idea, you’ll need a pair of Paskho slim-fit tapered track pants in the khaki shade. Men’s travel pants of this sort are exceptionally versatile; the athletic material in combination with the khaki color of the fabric makes these pants perfect for a variety of looks. For an outfit fitting for your next business trip, pair these pants with a dark solid button-down shirt, tucked in for a more formal look or left hanging out if you’re going for business casual. Finish off the look with black or brown loafers or comfortable sandals if you’re taking the day off to go sightseeing. This outfit can easily be incorporated into your capsule wardrobe for packing; these men’s travel pants can be worn in the office, in an airplane, while hiking, and anything in-between. Additionally, a solid button-down shirt can be worn multiple times with different accessories, and no one would think twice about it. 

Outfit #2

man wearing a dark blue outfit with a jacket

This next outfit will make heads turn no matter where your business trip is. It’s a completely monotone outfit, meaning that every piece is the same color – the pants, shirt, jacket, shoes, you name it. Our favorite color for this outfit is a deep navy blue, but if you’re not a navy person, you can also go with black, brown, or a light color if you really want to draw attention. For this outfit, put on your Paskho men’s travel pants in navy. Since these pants are made of high-quality stretchy material that can withstand whatever you throw at them, you can also wear these on your off-days and your travel days. With these pants, throw on a navy t-shirt and a navy suit jacket. The navy jacket ties this outfit together into something ready to be worn to a business conference. Top off this look with your favorite kind of shoes in navy. We think this outfit looks best with navy Oxfords or Chelsea boots; the choice is yours. When piecing together this outfit, double-check to make sure all the pieces in the outfit are the exact same shade of navy. If they’re even slightly off, it could disrupt the monotone effect. 

Outfit #3

man wearing dark tshirt olive gargo pants and beige shoes

Our third outfit for you today is another outfit great for when you want to pack light because it includes all the basics you’d need for multiple outfits. Firstly, put on your dark green Paskho Urban men’s travel pants. This color is the perfect shade of green to go with both business casual and travel outfits. You can wear these travel pants multiple times for whatever activities you want to do during your next business trip, and they’re extremely comfortable to wear during travel as well. If you’re on a long flight or train ride, you’ll be thankful for the breathability and comfort of the fabric of Paskho men’s travel pants. In addition to the pants, you’ll also need a solid-colored polo. The model is wearing a black polo in the photo above, which is a great color to go with the dark green pants. Finish the outfit with tan suede shoes, and you’ll be ready to step right into your next meeting. 


We hope that these three versatile outfit ideas have inspired you to invest in high-quality pieces you can wear in a variety of different situations and for multiple different activities. Paskho has high-quality sustainable items that are great for wearing during travel as well as in the office. By getting a few pieces from Paskho, you’ll be able to pack lighter, look more stylish, and have a better time during your travels. Your next business trip will go better than any in the past have gone before with the help of Paskho travel- and office-friendly clothes. 

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