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3 Unusual Tours – Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Are you going on holiday to Rome? Then our selection of the best Сolosseum tours will help you plan your trip. Even experienced travelers will receive unforgettable impressions during the tour to one of the most magnificent architectural constructions of the Ancient world.Three best tours to the Colosseum,The underground Colosseum, the night tour, the combined tour with a visit to the Vatican.

We have selected the best and unforgettable tours for you. You can book them at Here you will find a very convenient search function that allows everyone to find the perfect tour.

Colosseum in Rome

Top 3 Tours That are Worth Doing to Explore the Colosseum in Rome

Colosseum Underground with Arena Floor Access & Roman Forum Guided Tour

With the Colosseum underground tour you will visit the underground chambers of the famous Colosseum and the arena itself, where the fights to the death of great gladiators took place a long time ago! As a rule, these places are closed to the public. You will learn many interesting things about the history and life of the ancient Romans. You will walk around the Roman Forum and climb up the Palatine Hill. From the top of the hill you will see the Great Circus of Nero. If you choose this tour, you will sure receive unforgettable impressions and emotions.

Rome by Night Walking Tour

One of the most romantic tours selected because of:

  1. Solitude. The absence of large crowds of people, as tours of Rome, as a rule, take place during the daytime.
  2. Comfortable conditions for walking around. The air temperature drops at night, and it becomes cool in the city. This is especially suitable for those who do not tolerate the heat.
  3. Unusually beautiful and even mystical view of the Colosseum itself.

The walking tour lasts three hours and includes a visit to the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. A professional guide who will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the tour will tell you many interesting and fascinating details from the history of the Eternal City.

Unfortunately, the upper and lower levels of the Colosseum are unavailable for a visit at night. This is due to security. But the magnificent Colosseum, illuminated by night lights, is worth visiting at night!

Vatican and Colosseum Combo Tour: Don’t Wait in Line to See the Best of Rome

This tour is ideal for those travelers who want to see as many sights as possible in a short time. Vatican and Colosseum Combo Tour is an ideal option to visit the most famous places of magnificent Rome in one day. The main advantage of the tour is visiting the Vatican Museums out of turn! This will save up to 6 hours of waiting during the height of the tourist season! You will also enjoy the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo and visit St. Peter’s Basilica.

Rome is one of the most popular cities with magnificent architecture and famous works of art. Having been here once, you will definitely fall in love with the beauty of the capital of Italy.

Have you been to the Colosseum in Rome? What was your experience like? I’d love to know.

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