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3 Unlikely Hiking Destinations

Whenever you find yourself abroad – especially in countries where the temperatures are high and the beaches are golden and seriously tempting – it can be hard to muster up the willpower to drag yourself away and do a bit of exploring, let alone exercise.

But neglecting the surrounding area is often a crime, and one of the best ways to see what a country has to offer is by hiking through various routes and paths. There are some well-known hiking countries and areas, but hiking is something that can be done throughout the world, so for a totally different experience, try one of these off the beaten path hiking destinations.

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Unusual Hiking Destinations


Mexico is not just about all inclusive deals to Cancun, despite the fun that no doubt can be had there! Mexico has some fantastic terrain that is just waiting to be explored, with sky-touching mountains, rapid rivers and deep dark caves all on offer. You may have heard of the Gran Canyon in the USA, but you may not have heard of Mexico’s version, which is located in Sierra Madre Occidental. Copper Canyon is deeper and four times the area of the Gran Canyon – little wonder this whole region is a favorite with hikers!


Cheap Cyprus holidays have for decades been a favorite for tourists looking for beach heaven. But if you do not particularly fancy lazing around on the beach for the duration of your holiday, book a walking holiday to the Troodos Mountains where the highest peak reaches 2000 meters. In the autumn and winter months, the air is a lot cooler than on the coast so makes for perfect walking conditions. There is plenty to discover on these walks, including a number of Byzantine churches and deep woods.


If it is native flora and vegetation which floats your boat on hiking holidays, you’ll love the jungles of Belize. This Central American country is somewhat of a well-kept secret and many Europeans may not know to much about its hiking opportunities, but once you step foot in the country you will be able to appreciate all it has to offer. It’s tropical forests hide wonderful wildlife and there are also many mountainous areas for more hardcore hikers to tackle too.

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Not everyone likes hiking – but if you do, you will appreciate going to locations where you may never have even considered. If you have already walked the majority of the well-known routes, or you want a more active excursion to complement your annual summer holiday, book yourself an alternative hiking trip!

Written by Ricky Durrance for Beat the Brochure.

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  1. Hiking is a sport enjoyed by many outdoor enthusiasts. Avid hikers are always on the lookout for rough and rigorous terrain to explore. Hiking the backcountry–hiking trails that are far off the beaten path–attracts many hikers.

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