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3 Tips That Will Help You When It Comes To Survival Tactics

With all the conveniences of modern life, our lives have become very comfortable. Most of us rarely have to worry about how to get food, water, or find a place to stay. Everything is so convenient that even a temporary power cut can cause big anxiety. But did you ever think about what you would do if you found yourself in a survival situation? Do you have all the necessary items and skills that you would need to stay alive and safe?

This article is a guide to the key tips you need for survival.

3 Tips That Will Help You When It Comes To Survival Tactics

Top 3 Survival Tactics Tips

1. Prepare a Fire Immediately

Most people in the developed world have all of the systems and gadgets in their homes which means they can set whatever temperature they want. From air conditioners to underfloor heating, staying warm is as easy as pressing a few buttons. In a real survival situation, however, fire is a huge consideration and is something you need to prepare at the earliest possible moment. A fire has many important uses when faced with life or death. First of all, fire keeps you warm, which is extremely important as exposure and hypothermia are both killers. Secondly, you can use fire to purify your water and cook your food, which is both obviously necessary for survival. Finally, fire can be used to scare away animals who may want to eat your supplies or you.

2. Have Your Tools and Equipment Ready

The key to survival is preparation and so you should always have a bag packed with all the necessary gear you may need, particularly if you live in a place that is prone to earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes. There are many useful gadgets that seem like something a covert operative might use in a spy film, but which can all be lifesavers. From weapons to protect your family to GPS navigation systems, there are so many advanced pieces of technology that can dramatically increase your chances of survival. When it comes to choosing your equipment, find the right balance between function and weight because if your gear is too heavy, it is going to slow you down. Speed is often the main decider between life and death when you are trying to survive so make sure your equipment is light and portable.

3. Stay Mindful of Injuries

3 Tips That Will Help You When It Comes To Survival Tactics

With that in mind, nothing slows you down more than an injury. Many armies using guerilla warfare will set traps, not to kill their enemies, but to injure a few of them, so that the whole unit has to carry their immobile friends. The Viet Cong forces used tiger pits with sharpened bamboo to pierce the legs and feet of American soldiers which would then put a whole squad out of commission. Make sure that you have a well-stocked first-aid kit with some generic antibiotics because an infection out in the wild can be deadly.

Preparation is absolutely key when it comes to survival so always be ready. We live such comfortable lives now that far too many people have become complacent with regard to the real dangers which are out there. Keep these tips in mind and make sure that you have everything you need in the event of a worst-case you must have a well-planned list of survival items to pack in unexpected cases. Remember, there are many ways to stay safe and survive in difficult situations. Keep calm and always be prepared.

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