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3 Tips For Taking Your First RV Trip

If you love to travel but hate having to pack up in a small suitcase in order to do so, buying an RV could be a great option for you. With an RV, you get the chance of bringing a bigger piece of home with you when you hit the road. There are things that you should do and be aware of before you set off on your First RV Trip – You will find the top three here.

However, traveling in an RV often isn’t as easy as many people might initially think. So if you’re taking your first RV trip in the near future, here are three tips to help ensure that your adventure is a success. 

First RV Trip

Travel Tips for Your First RV Trip

Stay Close To Home

While you might have dreams of taking your RV to all kinds of destinations, you might want to stick close to home for the first time or two that you venture out.

According to RV Family Travel Atlas and, by staying close to home for your first few RVing trips, you’ll be able to work out the kinks of your travel before getting into unfamiliar territory. Especially if you win up having mechanical issues, can’t find a place to store your RV, or forget something of vital importance, being close to home will make dealing with these issues much simpler. And once you’ve built up your confidence on these smaller trips, you’ll be all the more ready for that big road trip you’ve been wanting to take. 

Expect Slower Travel

When you’re finally ready to take the long RV trip, it’s important that you set your expectations correctly for how the actual travel time will be. 

Ann Gibson, a contributor to, shares that RV travel often ends up being much slower than people anticipate. Because you’re traveling with something very large, you’ll need to drive at a slower pace, make more stops to refuel, and potentially take alternate routes if you have a hard time fitting in certain places. Because of this, you should expect to be much slower when covering miles than you might be used to. 

As a good rule of thumb, try to keep your travel days to about 300 miles or so before stopping and setting up camp for the night. 

Don’t Overpack

Although you’re likely going to have much more storage space than you’re used to, it’s still wise not to overpack your RV.

If you bring more than you really need, not only will many of those things wind up getting in your way, but Cy Wood, a contributor to, shares that extra items also add a lot of weight to your RV, which can cause your gas mileage to take a big hit. 

So before you throw everything from your home into your RV, really think about how much you’ll actually need or use that item. 

If you’re going to be taking your first RV trip soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you be prepared for what this will entail. 

Take a look at this basic packing list for your RV trip.

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