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Travel Photography – 3 Tips For Looking Better In Your Travel Pictures

When your travels are over and you’re back at home reminiscing about the times you had and the memories you created, the only tangible thing you have left of your trip is the pictures you were able to take of the experiences you had. But if all those pictures have blurry images of you or document your jet-lagged expression, you may not want to look at those pictures very often, let alone display them for the rest of the world to see. So to help you come home with pictures you can’t wait to show off, here are three tips for looking better in the travel photos you take.Taking photos of yourself while traveling is pretty challenging. Here are three tips of travel photography on how to make them look good.

Travel Photography - 3 Tips For Looking Better In Your Travel Pictures

Travel Photography – 3 Tips For Looking Better In Your Travel Pictures

Focus On the People First for Travel Photography

If you’re traveling to a well known location with many photo-ops, you likely will want to take pictures of those landmarks or landscapes to help you remember your time there. To make these images yours and yours alone, you also probably want to include yourself and your travel companions in these pictures as well. So what can you do to make sure you get a good shot in these situations?

According to Ed Hewitt, a contributor to, when taking a picture of people along with a specific background, try to focus on the people first before fitting the background in with them. This means ensuring that you can see everyone’s face, that no one’s head is getting cropped out, and that you can still see a glimpse of the landscape or landmark in the image.

Capture The Moments

Taking a lot of pictures of your travels will ensure that you have reminders of your adventures that will last a lifetime. However, if you only choose to take pictures of the most beautiful images or when you’re feeling photogenic, you will likely miss out on capturing the true moments of your vacation. For this reason, Nicole Nguyen, a contributor to, suggests not dismissing things like bad weather when taking photos of your travels. In fact, overcast skies and falling rain actually make for very beautiful images that reflect what your experience actually was during your time away from home.

Minimal Makeup

Being on the road isn’t necessarily conducive for looking well rested, particularly clean or with a fresh face of makeup. And luckily, Clarissa C., a contributor to, shares that keeping your makeup simple actually makes you look better in travel photos. And as an added perk, it makes it easy to quickly start your day without having to spend a lot of time in front of a mirror. Just throw on some moisturizer with SPF, some mascara and a little tinted lip balm and you’ll be ready to look happy and beautiful in all your travel photos.

By sticking to these few simple principles, you can look better and feel better in the pictures you take of yourself and your loved ones while traveling the world.

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