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3 Tips to Have a Greener Vacation

We are all aware of the importance of looking after our planet, and we need to take personal responsibility to ensure that we do as much as possible to help reduce our impact on this precious resource. Our green credentials can often be pushed to one side when we plan our vacation, but here are some top tips to achieve a greener solution.Three easy ways that you can become an Eco-traveler.Take a look at this blog post to learn about greener vacation.

Greener Vacation

The choices you make for your vacation affect just how green it is going to be. Look at your accommodation choice. Does it advertise its commitment to waste reduction and recycling practices? Does it advertise its use of sustainable products or locally grown produce? These are things to consider before you make a reservation.

If you are planning a long-haul vacation, try and use direct flights rather than routes that require multiple takeoffs and landings to reduce carbon emissions. It may cost a little more dollar wise, but you can offset that against the feel-good factor at having made the right decision. Remember to plan what you are taking with you. Last minute packing will mean that you are more likely to pack unnecessary items in the panic. Heavier planes use more fuel than lighter ones, so by packing lighter it means that the plane will fly more efficiently.

Stay cation
This is the ultimate in green holiday. You are not impacting on the environment with long haul plane rides, or adding excessive carbon emissions from your car. You know so much about your local area, but there will be hidden gems that you have yet to discover.

There are places to permanently live that provide you with all the amenities of a holiday destination, you just need to live in them! For example, Pensacola apartments deliver a variety of vacation options for you to take advantage of daily. Everyday can feel like a vacation when you have vacation-style lakeside living with the benefit of home conveniences. Without having to stress about hotel reservations, packing for holidays or missing flights, stay cations provide you with the opportunity to relax as soon as you finish work. You will be using your time effectively without losing precious hours in transit.

You can combine your need for a vacation with your need to satisfy your Eco-concerns. What better way is there for you to give back than by volunteering as a charity worker. Whether you want to work on a husky ranch in Canada, or look after elephants in Thailand, there are projects that rely on the donation of international volunteers’ time. This is a great way to see the world while doing good.

Sometimes we need to think outside the box to achieve exactly what we want to. List what you want to achieve from your holiday. The majority of us want to have maximum relaxation at the minimum expense, but at what expense? By having a greener vacation, you can still have your vacation – just with less impact on the world’s resources, which will make your vacation guilt free.

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