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3 Tips for Finding Good Food When Traveling To A New City

One of the best things about traveling to a new place is getting to experience the culture of that area, which includes their food. For many places throughout the world, the food you get from the actual country or city is much better than Americanized versions of it. However, it can be hard to find a good restaurant or food cart when you’re completely new to a city. So to help you get an amazing culinary experience as well as see a new city of the world, here are three tips for finding good food when traveling to a new city. Three easy ways to find good food when you visit a new place. Take a look at this blog post to be able to learn about traveling to a new city.

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Traveling To A New City

Take A Culinary Walking Tour

In many cities across the globe, locals are putting together culinary walking tours to help people either unfamiliar with local foods or those visiting the area to get an authentic taste of the local cuisine. According to Hilary Sloan, a contributor to the Huffington Post, taking a walking culinary tour will simultaneously allow you to sample some of the city’s more unique and tasty foods while also giving you a great “lay of the land”. During your walking tour, you may spot additional places you’d like to try, which could give you evermore place to experience great food in this new city.

Traveling To A New City

Talk To The Locals

If you’ve only just gotten to the city, one of the best ways to get some insider information about where to eat is to speak to an insider: the locals. However, for your own safety, you probably don’t want to just ask a random stranger on the street where a good place to eat is. This could put a target on your back as a tourist and make you an easy mark for people looking to take advantage of visitors. Rather, Genevieve Ko, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends going to a restaurant you know you like, maybe a chain, and then asking the staff for their local suggestions. By asking people who work in the foodservice industry, you could get some great info that even other locals may not have.

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Check Out The City’s Guidebook

While there are a lot of blogs and guidebooks out there meant to help tourists with things like finding good places to eat, these larger publications often won’t provide you with the experience you’re looking for. Especially if someplace is known as a tourist destination, you could miss out on the actual culture of the area. To avoid this, Ed Hewitt, a contributor to suggests finding the city’s local guidebook for suggestions. These publications often aren’t trying to just get more visitors to a certain restaurant and will help you find great food that’s a bit more off the beaten path from where typical tourists will be eating.

If you’re planning to travel to a new city soon, use the tips mentioned above to help you find some great local food.

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