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3 Things to Do on the US East Coast Off the Beaten Path

Travelers coming to the United States may think of New York City or Miami as the prime destinations to visit. But, the east coast of the United States has plenty to see and do outside of the major cities. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf, you can explore the diverse activities on the East Coast. Go off the beaten path and check out these unexpected things to do in the United States East Coast during your next visit.From the Appalachian to the Gulf, explore the diverse activities on the East Coast.Check things to do in the United States East Coast.

Things to Do on the US East Coast

Experience the Ghosts of Gettysburg

History buffs can enjoy a scenic drive through the rolling Appalachian hills of Pennsylvania on a trip to Gettysburg. The battlefield has gone down in history as the turning point in the American Civil War, also the bloodiest single battle of the war. 

Spending a weekend out in Gettysburg, you’ll learn about the three-day engagement. Take a hike through the battlefield. You can also check out the eclectic mix of antique shops and oddities downtown. Try on period clothing from the mid-1800s. Window in the antique stores filled with relics, like rifles, ancient arrowheads, and even bullets from the battle. 

More than anything, the small town has become infamous as the most haunted destination in the United States. Residents and visitors alike report frequent ghost sightings. So if you love a spooky story, book a Gettysburg ghost tour and explore the haunted happenings of the town. 

Hike Mount Katahdin of Maine

The Penobscot Native Americans called it Katahdin, which translates to “The Greatest Mountain”. It sits at the center of Baxter State Park in Maine, the east coast’s uppermost state. 

If you love the outdoors, make sure to add this hike to your list of things to do while visiting the US. You could spot anything from bald eagles to black bear and moose. Moderate to difficult trails run up to the summit, the most famous being Knife Edge, a glacial ridge which traverses the ridge between Pamola Peak and Baxter Peak. And, of course, while you’re in Maine, don’t forget to get yourself a lobster roll after all that hiking!

Bask in the Florida Sunshine at Sanibel Island

Most tend to visit Miami or Orlando during a visit to Florida. But if you want to enjoy the sunshine and nature, head to Florida’s Sanibel Island. Nature refuges make up half of the island. Sanibel is home to an abundance of wildlife, including pink flamingos, manatees, dolphins, pelicans, and sea turtles. Roseate spoonbills often show up for feeding during low tide at the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

Plus, the village contains historic, restored buildings to admire. On the east end, the 1884 Lighthouse overlooks the water, where the tea-colored bay meets the green gulf. The island also offers ample spots for eating, like the Lighthouse Café. You can explore the village, beaches, and preserves by foot, or take a scenic ride by bike, kayak, or boat. Just don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen!

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