3 Things To Do If Your Car Breaks Down in the Middle of Nowhere

Road tripping is a great way to see the country you’re traveling in, as well as be totally and completely in charge of how your travels unfold. However, regardless of how you’ve prepared your vehicle for your trip, breaking down is always a possibility. And if Murphy’s Law is working correctly, you’ll likely break down in the middle of nowhere.

So if this is where you find yourself, here are three things to do if your car breaks down while on a road trip you can do if you have a broken car, find yourself with a dead battery, or are otherwise incapacitated while traveling through the middle of nowhere. That is where these family road trip tips will come in handy.

But the first thing you need to learn is how to stay safe on a road trip, that way you can avoid any problem or issue found.

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Long Road Trip Tips
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What to do if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere

1. Check Your Surroundings

Unless you’re a great mechanic, if your car has broken down somewhere, you’re likely going to need help from a professional to get yourself going again. But in order for this to happen, you’ve got to know where you are, so you can let help know how to get to you.

PepBoys writes to SFGate.com that you should look around for the nearest crossroad, mile marker, or freeway exit, so you can report that information to the auto service or tow truck you’ve contacted. By giving them the most specific information you can, you’ll make it easier for them to find you and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

2. Break Out Your Emergency Kit

If you know anything about travel emergencies, you likely will have some kind of emergency kit in your car. Especially if you’re taking your car on a long road trip, the chances that you have at least some items to help if you get in a pickle are pretty high.

John Tesh shares on Tesh.com that some items you should have with you in the event that you break down in the middle of nowhere are food, water, a first aid kit, and some way to stay warm other than the heater of your car. These few things will be invaluable to you if it looks like you’ll be on your own for more than just an hour or two.

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3. Stay Put

Once your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, all of your actions should consider the best way to keep you and any of your passengers safe. According to EasyCare.com, this includes staying in your car. Trying to walk around an unfamiliar area can make you wind up in a worse-off situation than you initially were.

Also, leaving your car with all your belonging in it may not be the smartest idea either. Rather, stay in your car until help can arrive at your location. Unless you saw a gas station or other building just a short distance away, staying put is likely to be the safest bet.

Although breaking down in the middle of nowhere while traveling far from home is definitely not ideal, you can make the best of the situation by following some of the safety travel tips mentioned above. Best of luck!

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Long Road Trip Tips - What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Last Updated on December 22, 2023

2 thoughts on “3 Things To Do If Your Car Breaks Down in the Middle of Nowhere

  1. This happened to us when we were on a road trip to Vegas last month. I agree that knowing what’s around you will ensure your safety. If the damage isn’t reparable with just your tools, it is a good time to have your car towed and repaired. Stay safe!

  2. I like how you mentioned that it is a good idea to check your surroundings and report that information to the tow truck when you break down in the middle of nowhere. I would think that it would be a good idea to try to get on a side road if your car starts to break down. Being on a side road would make it much safer for the tow truck driver who is coming to help you.

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