3 Scenarios When Renting an SUV Instead of Economy Car is the Best Option

When it comes to leasing a vehicle for road trips, almost any rental company will offer you several options. Economy cars and SUVs are, you guessed it, amongst the most popular rental vehicles. Given the name, the economy car is a very cheap renting solution comparing to the sport-utility. Though, it is only logical to assume that renting an SUV has more to offer for a bit higher price (e.g. from $150 per day if renting from RealCar NYC Company (for example). Sometimes renting an economy car while traveling may not be the best option. Here are 3 scenarios when Renting an SUV is better.

Renting an SUV
First of all, a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) aims at driving on rough terrain and through the unfavorable weather conditions. Basically, this car is tailored specifically for conditions considered damaging for a regular car. Yet, those are not the only perks the off-road vehicle can offer. This car is extremely popular among urban travelers as it is very practical to use on urban roads. Thus, we will cover three situations, when an SUV gains the upper hand over an economy vehicle.

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3 Times When Renting an SUV Instead of Economy Car is Better

When you need to transport a big group of people and/or cargo

Everyone comes with baggage, they say. So let a sport utility help you carry it! Thanks to its size, this car has an extra room not only for your passengers, but for their cargo as well. Some companies, like Value Auto Rental, even allow towing. Although this service is not very popular, it is the best one if you need to transport something as massive as a boat.

More to that, if you have to carry a big company of friends or your whole family – an off-road car will save your day. Why so? An SUV has plenty of space for passengers. Some models are even capable of carrying up to 9 people in its cabin. Considering this, you will not have to rent several cars to reach your destination. In this way, you will significantly cut costs for range rover rental and fuel. You will also save space in a parking lot and on a road overall – all this with only one car. That is why renting an SUV can be a perfect solution for weekend getaways with family. Many people actually prefer to travel on an SUV with their children. Thanks to a large cabin size, you will not feel crammed and your kids will have enough space to go wild.
By the way, with Real Car rental service you can travel even with your pets. You can fit even a big pet crate in an SUV trunk and there will still be a place for your cargo. It is a very good option for those, who want to rent a car for a weekend travel and take their pets with them. Mind that the economy cars rarely allow for this much space.

When you choose to travel off-road and/or in bad weather conditions

Thanks to the all-wheel-drive system (AWD or 4×4), the off-road vehicle is a great solution for driving in the winter weather. Aside from it, an SUV is specially designed for traveling on rugged terrain, mountain roads, etc. But keep in mind that for this kind of travel you have to equip the vehicle accordingly. Otherwise, it is as vulnerable as the economy car. If you’re going to drive on extreme roads, you will do better with a Jeep tailored particularly for these types of trips. Moreover, an SUV has a higher chance of getting out of unexpected emergencies on the road.

When you need a very convenient and safe vehicle

An off-road car is noticeably bigger than the average vehicle. Because of that, you get to sit higher and so see farther during the drive. The benefits of better visibility are amazing since you can see where the traffic combustion ends and all the obstacles you can avoid. Furthermore, the car is big not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Its cabin can fit 5 adults with an ease and provide much space for everyone to travel with comfort. An SUV has a high headlining, large doors and windows. Thanks to this, the entry into a vehicle is much easier as its height is at the optimal level with you. That means, you don’t have to bend down to enter a vehicle. This aspect is especially convenient for seniors and people with mobility issues. And a large trunk have a room for a wheelchair or other equipment.

Apart from its spaciousness, an SUV is a powerful and heavy car. Its improved safety system is often superior to the economy class. That is why an off-road car is considered to be one of the safest vehicles.

Final thoughts

Generally, the economy rental car costs from $35 up to $80 per day in U.S. Whereas SUV rental from RealCar costs at minimum of $149 a day. For this price you will get twice as much comfort, space, and safety. The economy car is a good choice if you travel with one passenger on a well-maintained road in a good weather. Unless you add another passenger, a couple of suitcases, and a willingness to travel to the mountains, the safety and reliability of an economy car become questionable. SUVs are in a high demand right now, so they are usually taken from the car leasing outlets at the airports. If you want to rent an off road vehicle and you don’t seem to find one – RealCar will hand deliver you a vacant car.

Last Updated on February 6, 2022

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