3 Safe Driving Tips For Being Around Big Trucks on Highways or Freeways

If you plan to travel a long distance, or even a short distance, on a high-speed road like a highway or freeway, the chances of you driving near a big truck are pretty high. And when you’re in a driving situation with big trucks around you, the circumstances can quickly become very dangerous if you’re not careful.Three trips that you can use to stay safe when driving on freeways near big trucks.Take a look at these driving tips during your road trip.

Driving Tips For Road Trips

So to help you and your loved ones to always be safe when traveling on roadways, here are three safe driving tips for being around big trucks on highways or freeways.

Driving Tips For Road Trips

Stay Out Of Their Blind Spots
Big trucks often have a lot of space around their vehicles that could be considered blind spots. In these areas, the driver of the truck can’t see you or anything else that’s sitting in this spot. Because of this, is can be very dangerous for you to stay in these areas, especially if the driver of the truck is needing to move into a new lane or make a sudden driving change, for this they may use Australian crane engineering service to remove big stones from the path.

Knowing this, Patrick Allan, a contributor to, advises that you never hang out on the sides of a big truck or stay in an area where you can’t see the driver’s mirrors. If you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you.

Driving Tips For Road Trips

Proper Passing Protocol
Because there are large areas around a big truck where they can’t see, it’s important that you know how to properly pass a truck when traveling on the highway or freeway. According to, it’s best to pass a truck on their left side because there are fewer blind spots on that side.

Also, try to pass as quickly yet safely as you can so you don’t spend too much time being right next to the truck. And additionally, don’t cut right in front of the truck once you’re able to get back in front of them; create more space between your car and the big truck for everyone’s safety.

Give Them Plenty Of Space
To be as safe as you can when traveling around a big truck going at high speeds, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration suggests that you give truck much more space than you generally give other vehicles. It takes much longer for big trucks to stop than a typical car, so if you jump on the brakes, you could cause a large traffic accident.

Not only should you give them more space when you’re in front of them, but you should also give them more space when you’re behind them. Big trucks can throw up rocks or have tire blowouts relatively easily, so it’s a good idea to give yourself as much time to react as possible.

To maximize your safety while traveling on the roadways, consider using the tips mentioned above when driving near large trucks.

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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