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3 Reasons to Visit Provence in France

Looking for the right destination for your upcoming summer holidays? This is always a challenge. It needs to fit all the family expectations as well as your travel budget. Matching all criteria isn’t always something really easy to cope with. Have you thought about traveling to France, in the southeastern part of the country? The Provence region is known in the entire world for its beautiful landscapes as well as its pristine beaches.There are tons of fun reasons to Visit Provence in France but in this post you will find information about the top three.

Visit Provence in France

Why You Should Visit Provence in France

Resource yourself in a special place

The Provence region is pretty unique. There, you won’t have the feeling to spend your holidays in another overcrowded location. While the French Riviera area can be a bit busy during July and August, it is really quiet during the rest of the year thus giving to the travelers the opportunity to enjoy beach vacations in a natural setting.

Beside the coast, you will find a very nice countryside with authentic villages. Those are usually small and while strolling into the streets, you will have the feeling to be back in the decades. Enjoying holidays in Provence is about relaxation and reconnection with a natural environment. To achieve this, you can stay in a B&B in a Var village. That way, you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of your own villa. You won’t end up around a pool with 200 tourists. This will really be what we can call true holidays.

Discover new activities

Holidays is about entertainment and having fun time with your friends and family. This is really simple in the Var region. There are so many places where you can practice hiking. You have certainly heard about the Gorges du Verdon, one of the most beautiful places in France. But this isn’t the only place to do hiking in the Var. Some are less known and thus less crowded during summer.

You don’t like hiking ? No worries, you can enjoy a lot of water sports around the Lac de Sainte Croix. If you are more interested in all the cultural activities, the region offers a lot of nice museums and arts galleries to visit. Don’t forget that a lot of famous painters found their inspiration in the landscapes offered in Provence. The lavender fields around Valensole and Manosque are shot each year by thousands of people.

Nice weather guaranteed

Sometime, we select a place and unfortunately, the weather isn’t the one we’d expected. It is colder or you get a lot of rain during the week. This can be highly disappointing, especially when you have spent a lot of money and you don’t have a lot of holidays during the year.

This will never happen in Provence. The weather is sunny and warm from May to October, all the years. During that period, rainfalls are happening almost never. You could spend a month there without any drop of water. You will experience this in the panorama, that goes from green to yellow during summer due to the lack of rain. Temperatures can be very hot during daytime in summer.

Best periods to visit Provence are may-june and September-october timeframes. Region is less crowded and temperatures are perfect.

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