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3 Reasons Autumn is Ideal for a City Spa Retreat

Here in the UK, we tend to properly look forward to our summers, even though we only ever seem to get a couple of days of sun, and that makes them fall back into the dreary, gray, and rainy months something of a drag. Sure, autumn has Halloween, Bonfire Night, and a beautiful orange color scheme, but it’s not exactly lounging on a beach or having a barbecue, is it? Three reasons why autumn is the perfect season for a luxury spa retreat. Take a look at this blog post to learn all about spa retreats.

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That’s why autumn makes for the perfect city escape, and no true city break is quite right without a trip to the local spa. Here are three reasons why autumn is ideal for a city spa retreat.

Winter is Stressful

While there are lots of nice things about winter and autumn, there’s also the fact that it is undeniably harder on the body and mind for most of us. With seasonal depression proving a very real thing for lots of people, and plenty of us feeling a lack of energy and enthusiasm at the sight of another gray day, it can be really hard to get going.

Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD, obviously!) is where you experience feelings of hopelessness and depression in direct relation to the lack of daylight hours, bright sun, or warmth, and it’s incredibly common, with 10-20 percent of us diagnosed every year.

A quality spa break can give you something bright, fun, and energizing to look forward to, and a city you’ve always wanted to visit and explore is the perfect backdrop for that. Checking out a beautiful city, full of culture and excitement, and combining that with a relaxing, healthy spa retreat can be the perfect cure for the wintertime blues.

Spa Retreat

Cities are Always Fun

Do you know what a city is? It’s a huge pile of culture, fun, and convenience, and here in the UK, we’re blessed with tons of great ones. From Edinburgh to Liverpool to York to London, we’ve got loads of amazing, beautiful cities to check out.

It doesn’t matter that it’s a little rainy or chill, rain can make a city atmospheric, and you’re spending most of your time indoors after all. Shopping centers, high streets, art galleries, museums, and restaurants, all indoors. There’s no need to endure the rain or cold at all!

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Look After Yourself

Wind and cold is not good for your skin. The winter can be very aging for your face, and we all tend to overeat over Christmas and New Year. Winter does not leave us feeling attractive overall, but that’s okay. You just need a spa break.

Spas have all kind of services, including anti-aging facial treatments, massage, saunas, skin treatments, access to world-class gyms, and great food. It’s the perfect combo for when you’re feeling less than healthy and gorgeous. Go from feeling tired, unhealthy and worn-out to energized, beautified and happy, all with a city-based spa break.

Not only do you get to explore a fantastic city, replete with all the shopping, architecture, culture and class you can stomach, but you get to feel great doing it. Book your autumn city spa retreat now!

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