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Top 3 Places to Visit in Italy – Europe Vacations

Italy is a beautiful country that is a delight to travelers of all ages. The country has a long history that dates back thousands of years and it is a wonderful juxtaposition of ancient history and modernity. Explore the mysteries of this stunning destination and ensure that you make time to visit these three places.Three of the most amazing places to visit in Italy and information on each of them.In this article, you will find a short list of Italy trip.




Top 3 Places to Visit in Italy

Tuscany as a places to visit in Italy

Tuscany is a region in the center of Italy that is known for some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Bes sure to visit the city of Florence to view Michelangelo’s David and the art in the Uffizi Gallery. Florence is also known for its fashion and shopping so be sure to explore the shops and pick up some of the world famous fashions that are available. The city of Pisa is also in this region and no trip is complete without viewing the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, an architectural marvel built out of white marble. The region is also known for its beautiful countryside that is full of wondrous sights like olive groves, lavender fields and vineyards. Consider staying at a villa on an estate in the countryside where you may be able to pick olives, or help in the wine making process.


Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples and it is known for its stunning, rugged scenery its fabulous beach resorts and its great shopping. Go hiking in Arco Natural, walk the Phoenician Steps, and make time to visit the Punta Carena Lighthouse that has been active since 1867. Be sure to take time to visit the Blue Grotto, a cavern that glows vibrant blue because of the sunlight that passes through an underwater cave. Go on a boat cruise and see the beautiful rock formation of Faraglioni. The shopping is fabulous here and you can pick up handmade Italian leather sandals. Make sure that you indulge and try the limoncello liqueur, a lemon based sweet alcoholic drink, the fresh seafood like prawns and mussels that this area is famous for, and Ravioli Caprese that is perfect for vegetarians. The area is also known for its wine production and there are wine bars where you can sample some of the local production.

Rome as a places to visit in Italy

Rome is an ancient city that historical figures like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony once fought to defend. Visit the Colosseum to see where the gladiators fought and close your eyes to hear the cheers of the crowds that were thrilled by the blood sports. Be sure to see the beautiful Trevi fountain. The Vatican City is also located inside of Rome and it offers up many thrilling sights like the Vatican and its museums full of treasures, the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s magnificent ceiling, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Go on a tour to ensure you don’t miss anything. This is also a great place for shopping and you can pick up high quality but inexpensive leather products easily. Be sure to also sample the fabulous food and wine while you are here and spend a day at the beautiful beach people watching.

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