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3 Of the Best Places to Go on Board of a Charter Jet

Everyone could use some luxury travel in their lives once in a while. Sometimes, you just need to escape from the humdrum details of everyday living and do something unusual and incredible. It’s become commonplace for CEOs and other affluent individuals to fly by private jet. But there may still be a large group of people out there who have considered chartering a private plane but for whatever reason have not done it yet. The truth is that renting a private jet has a ton of advantages, from the luxurious accommodations to the privacy afforded to passengers by avoiding regular commercial flights. Three of the best places that you can set off to onboard of a charter jet for a luxury vacation.Take a look at this fun guide of charter jet.

Charter Jet
On top of all that, however, are the destinations. It’s enough of an experience to fly on a private plane, but where you go matters just as much. Figuring that out is all part of the planning. Once you’ve checked out your private plane rental price and have decided to go through with renting a jet, have a look at these three amazing destinations to fly in a private jet:

3 Places to in a Charter Jet

1. Norman’s Cay, the Bahamas

This tiny island in the Bahamian archipelago is accessible only by private plane, so it makes sense that Norman’s Cay would make this list. In 2019, the island is still being developed into a proper resort spot, currently featuring beachfront cottages available for rent. Once there, visitors can explore three miles of sandy beaches, swim in the clear ocean waters, and check out the famous wreck of the plane that crashed in the island’s shallow waters in the 1980s. Norman’s Cay is the definition of an island paradise, and since there’s no other way to get there, why not charter a private plane and check it out?

2. Saint Barthélemy, French Caribbean

Popularly known as St. Barts or St. Barths, this island collectivity of France features miles of sandy beaches, abundant iguanas and other wildlife, and a choice of accommodations ranging from quaint villas to more large-scale hotels. While visiting St. Barts, be sure to investigate some of the local cuisine, which combines fresh fruit and seafood with French and Creole variations. For travelers and adventurers, there’s certainly lots to explore here, too. You can head down to the marina to see all the boats lined up in the harbor, or step back and get some shots of all the red-roofed structures scattered among the hillsides. Whatever your taste is, the island of Saint Barthélemy is one private plane destination you’re sure never to forget.

3. St. Moritz, Switzerland

Maybe the whole Caribbean paradise island vacation isn’t for you. Maybe you’re looking for a destination a bit more private and low key. If that’s the case, we’d like to recommend the Alpine ski resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. And low key it is, given the work involved in getting there in any way other than by private jet. The closest place to fly into in relation to St. Moritz is Samedan Airport, just a few miles away. But the airport is too short to accommodate normal commercial flights, so a private jet makes it all the more convenient (another option is to fly into Zurich on a normal flight and then drive three hours to St. Moritz.) In any case, once there, you can take in the fresh mountain air, since you’ll be 5,900 feet above sea level. You can jump aboard some cable cars and head up the mountainsides or take the hundreds of miles of ski trails that Switzerland is known for. Since you’re in the Alps, you can also do loads of hiking, taking in breathtaking views of the mountains, and of course, check out the locale’s famous frozen lake (if you travel there in winter.)

These are only a few of the phenomenal destinations you can visit in a private plane. There are obviously thousands more, and where you go is really up to your tastes and the effort you want to expend getting there. Of course, you’ll need to charter a private jet to reach many of these places, and since that’s the case, you’ll have to check out a good private plane rental price. Make sure it’s in your budget, and then take off into your next perfect vacation. You are unlikely to regret it.

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