3 of Our Favorite Luxury Arctic Cruises

Cruising the Arctic can be one of the most rewarding and interesting explorations in the world and gone are the days where cruises have to be on large ocean liners with thousands of people and a set itinerary to follow. On a boutique expedition small groups enable the perfect opportunity to explore the unexplored.Three of the most amazing Luxury Arctic Cruises that are available right now.Look at this list with tons of info about Luxury Arctic Cruises.

Luxury Arctic Cruises

These small expedition teams give complete control at all times meaning that they have real flexibility to take advantage of fantastic opportunities as they present themselves. The Arctic is of course an ever changing and rapidly diverse area so the ability to adjust an itinerary is crucial to the enjoyment of any guests expeditions. One of the main advantages of this is to capture unexpected wildlife displays or spontaneous shore landings at a particularly interesting or indeed beautiful area. On board are a range of expedition guides who are always on hand to share their in-depth knowledge of these untouched wildernesses.

Below are three of our personal favorite cruises and why we at The Luxury Arctic Travel Company believe an Arctic Cruise can be the ultimate trip for an avid explorer. All these options are on the state of the art Greg Mortimer expedition ship which has been custom build to explore this extraordinary place in complete luxury and safety. This industry leading ship includes 79 state rooms, 15 zodiac boats for getting ashore quickly and easily, lecture theater for guests to enjoying informative talks and hydraulic viewing platforms to make the most of the stunning landscape. On board scientists and guides are also on hand to make sure that any questions can be answered and there are even photography guides that are there to make sure you capture every possible moment.

Top 3 Luxury Arctic Cruises

Iceland, Jan Mayen and Svalbard

11 days

Best Luxury Arctic Cruises

We love this cruise due to the staggering beauty of Icelands Westfjords and the remote and rarely visited Jan Mayen Island which is the worlds northernmost active volcanic island. We always find this perfect for those looking for bird watching due to the extensive bird cliffs and puffin nesting ledges which you can see along the way. It also offers the perfect chance for tundra hikes, watching polar bears hunting, whale and walrus viewing.

Svalbard Odyssey

11-13 days

Luxury Arctic Cruises

This is the perfect cruise to enjoy the very best of the Svalbard Archipelago. This incredible world of endless daylight offers not only staggering landscapes but also amazing wildlife viewing. From polar bears hunting, nesting sea cliff birds, walrus’s and beluga whales this cruise offers so much for the avid wildlife explorer. There is also a diverse and rich terrain to explore from both on and off the boat. These include icecaps, tundra, polar dessert and rocky hillsides. On a recent trip we organized a client commented that although they’ve traveled extensively all over the world they’ve never experienced such a rich and diverse range of beauty from wildlife to rugged landscapes. They have since booked another two cruises in the Arctic.

Arctic Complete – East Greenland and Svalbard

23-25 days

Luxury Arctic Cruises

This really is the ultimate Arctic exploration and this has always been incredibly popular with clients. This amazing adventure starts at Kirkenes in Northern Norway and embarks on its voyage to the beautiful Svalbard before continuing onto East Greenland. This trip is renowned for its incredible beauty and wildlife viewing. Its also the perfect trip to explore the fjords and includes sailing directly through the worlds longest fjord to discover ancient rocks, Inuit locals, musk ox and Arctic hare. For those feeling more even adventurous sea kayaking and stand up paddle boarding past icebergs, wildlife and colorful villages is the ultimate activity.

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Luxury Arctic Cruises

Last Updated on May 14, 2023

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