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3 Odd DUI Punishments Around the World

Did you know you might have to attend political lectures if convicted of a DUI in Poland? 

If you’re an American looking to travel internationally this year, it pays to research your destination. And if you rent a car and drive while vacationing abroad, you ought to know the rules of the road.

International travel is poised to experience a significant rebound this year as more Americans look to board planes and visit foreign locales. According to a recent report by Hopper, 62% of searches during the first week of December 2022 for flights in 2023 were for international destinations over domestic destinations. That’s up from 55% in the first week of December 2021. 

If you like to rent a car when traveling abroad, remember it’s never safe to drink and drive.

And Poland isn’t the only country with odd DUI punishments for transgressors — not by a long shot. While the best course of action is to take a cab or a rideshare if you’ll be partying the night away on vacation, it makes sense to know what you’re up against if you’re charged with a DUI.

Continue reading for three oddball DUI punishments from around the world that you’ll want to know about.

1. Poland

If you’re convicted of a DUI in Poland, you might be required to attend political lectures. But that’s not all. Someone convicted can lose their license for three to five years. Considering that Poland has some of Europe’s most dangerous roads, you can appreciate the importance of being extra vigilant behind the wheel. If you’re visiting a Central European country, don’t turn your dream trip into a nightmare by getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

2. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has become a popular destination for sporting events like professional wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts. But it’s not just a place for sports fanatics to satiate their need for athletic competition at the highest level. You can check out the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building, and visit other sites and attractions. But beware of DUI convictions in the Middle Eastern nation. People convicted of DUIs in the UAE could be sentenced to a flogging — 80 lashes across the back, arms, and legs — and several months in jail.

3. Turkey

Turkey has an interesting way of sobering up people convicted of DUIs. It’s not unheard of for someone guilty of a DUI to be sentenced to a 20-mile march. Specifically, the police take drunk drivers 20 miles out of the city and make them walk all the way back to the city. And there’s no honor system where the police trust the convicts will walk rather than hail a cab. The police actually escort people sentenced to a 20-mile march to ensure they do as they’re told. 

These are just some of the wacky DUI laws around the world. You’ll want to be safe while operating a motor vehicle on the road, whether at home or abroad. But if you are facing DUI charges, you must find the right lawyer

In such situations, a lot is at stake, so you must find a lawyer with experience representing DUI clients. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that one DUI lawyer is as good as another. You’ll want to find an attorney whose law practice focuses on DUI cases. The legal professional should also have a good reputation and have years of experience helping people in your shoes. 

You’ll want advice, answers to your questions, and someone in your corner if your case goes to trial. What you don’t want is to take things lightly when fines and a prison term are possible.

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