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3 Must-Do Activities on Your Trip to Barbados

For some people, the ideal holiday would mean relaxing on a sandy beach and bathing under a golden sun, as you listen to the sound of the waves slowly rolling into shore. For others, the best vacation they can imagine is packed full of activities and the chance to soak up some local culture. Luckily, there is a place where these two fantasies come easily packaged into one destination: Barbados. This beautiful Caribbean island has everything from beautiful beaches and panoramic views, to traditional mouthwatering cuisine and a rich history to explore. So, if you are interested in making Barbados your next getaway destination, here are 3 things you should definitely do while you are there.Three favorite things to do while traveling in Barbados.Learn all about my top trip to Barbados during travel to the Caribbean.

Trip to Barbados

Enjoy nature at its finest

Barbados has some of the most beautiful views imaginable, with coasts of brilliant white sands and clear turquoise seas bordering the luxurious greenery of the mainland jungle. Simply strapping on your walking shoes and exploring the island will be an activity enough on its own, giving you the chance to really soak up the atmosphere of the island. If you’d like to see more of Barbados’ flora and fauna, then it is definitely worth visiting one of the many parks on the island, such as the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, or Queen’s Park, where you can experience the magnificent sight of the Baobab Tree. Plus, there are lots of places around the island where you can go diving and snorkeling, giving you the opportunity to witness some of the underwater delights of the Caribbean Sea.

Get to know the local history

Many of the traditions in Barbados are drawn from the West African and British cultures, as many island inhabitants are of African descent, and the island was a part of the British Empire for over 300 years. While there are many places that you can go to learn more about Barbados’s history, a great place to start would be Arlington house: a unique interactive museum, set inside a restored 18th Century house, which is located on the Northern side of the island, in Speightstown. The museum is set over three floors and gives an educational and enjoyable account of the island’s first settlers, along with the influence of colonization, and how Speightstown grew to be a leading trade port. If you are not staying in Speightstown, then Arlington house can be accessed easily enough by bus or taxi, or you could easily and affordably hire your own car with some rental car coupons.

Sample the local cuisine

The local food in Barbados will be the crowning glory to your visit. The market stalls and street side food stands, which you’ll come across throughout your stay, provide you with the perfect opportunity to eat as the locals do. Alternatively, for the days when you want a nice evening out, there are also lots of great restaurant venues across the island, including the Fisherman’s pub in Speightstown, and The Cliff, a waterfront seafood restaurant.

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