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3 Key Lessons You Need to Teach Your Kids by Example

Raising children is an enormous task. Figuring out how to have authority, but still manage to be your child’s friend is even harder. Depending on their age, you will surely encounter different problems trying to raise them. When they are very young, they cannot understand you properly, nor your actions. When they start becoming teenagers, they enter their rebellious phase, making it even harder to approach them.

Teach Your Kids by Example

All in all, the best way to show anyone how something should be done is by example. Just by doing something spontaneously, a lot of times you will get better results than if you were to talk to them. And this goes for all ages. There are many things you can teach your children by example, and in this article, we will discuss three of them.

Taking Care of Their Health

If you want to teach your kid to take good care of their health, you want to make sure you are following all the things you are trying to teach them. For instance, if you are trying to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables, try not to eat a lot of junk food. Instead, incorporate healthy food choices for both you and your children. That way, they will not feel like they have to eat something less tasty than you.

The same goes for, for example, dental hygiene. Alison Hoover, a family dentist from Cherry Creek Family Dentistry explains that the child’s approach to dental hygiene is deeply rooted in their experience with it from their early years. She goes on to explain that you should try to brush your teeth and floss when your kids are around. Even better, do it with them. You can make it a cute bonding activity, while maybe mentioning the importance of dental hygiene sometimes. 


The best way to inculcate honesty in your kid is through the example of your own behavior. Since you are all they know during the first few years of their life, your children will take cues from you. So, try to avoid any kind of dishonesty, no matter how small or harmless it might be. If your kids figure out you were not honest, especially if it happens more than once, you will start to normalize dishonesty for them. 


A lot of times we hear people saying how better of a place the world be if we all respected each other more. In order to have respectful members of society, we must first raise them that way. Show your children what being respectful looks like. It will help them generate a feeling of self-worth and empathy for other people. In the end, teaching your children to be respectful will better their chances of being respected by other people. And what parent wouldn’t want that for their kid?

Teach Your Kids by Example

In the end, whatever you want your children to become, you first have to be that yourself. You are your children biggest role model, so make sure you are the best one you can be. A great thing is that, by trying to be better in order to be a good example for your children, you will become better as well!

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