3 Interesting Places To Visit In Seattle

Visit Seattle is not that often on the list of the top places that you can visit in the USA but the truth is that this could be a mistake. There are many interesting options that are available, with dozens of places that can be visited. Everything is definitely subjective so you will want to conduct a really good research.

We will now recommend 3 really interesting places that you can visit in Seattle, options that few actually consider when planning their trip. You will definitely appreciate them.


Photo by: Ian Sane

Space Needle
Space Needle was built in the year 1962 for the World’s Fair event. Ever since being opened it stood out as an icon all around the world. It is now one of the most popular attractions that Seattle offers. You can so easily enjoy various different things during your visit, like a wonderful meal in SkyCity. The Seattle Space Needle should be added to the itinerary of all people visiting the city.

One of the large attractions of this place is definitely the beautiful SkyCity restaurant. It takes 47 minutes for the restaurant to make a full rotation, offering a complete 360 degrees view of the surroundings. You will find wonderful views on the Observation Deck. At the same time, there is an informative and interactive display inside, letting you know exactly what you see as you rotate.

As you rotate you can use free telescopes, offering great views in Settle’s luxury real estate scene. At the same time, you can see Olympic mountains and Cascade. Even Mt. Rainier can be seen if the weather is proper.

Pacific Science Center
This location is over 50 years old. Even so, visitors from all around the world are engaged during every single visit. You will surely love the fact that younger visitors feel great, mainly thanks to different personal experiences available.

The younger visitors will love Body Works and Insect Village. However, the Dinosaurs area is also really interesting for the entire family. If you are an adult, the biggest possible draw is offered by Tropical Butterfly Village. The butterflies here are simply wonderful. You can see close to 500 species. Many are important from exotic locations in Asia, Africa, Central America and South America.

The EMP Museum
This museum was known in the past as Experience Music Project or Science Fiction Museum. Nowadays, the museum is beautiful and the building itself is basically an attraction in itself. When you visit you will find many exhibitions that won awards and that celebrate the pop culture.

When you visit you can actually see how it feels inside a space station and you can experience movie costumes, sci-fi memorabilia, hands-on exhibits and thousands of photos. Always visit Guitar Gallery to learn about the evolution of the main instrument used in rock music.

As you can see, Seattle is a wonderful city to visit. These three attractions are more than enough to have a memorable visit. However, you do need to consider all the other opportunities available for tourists.

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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