Top 3 Places to Find Dessert in Dubai and the Delicious Treats

Dubai is the largest and most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and boasts a large and diverse restaurant scene. Dubai offers every cuisine imaginable to its many residents and visitors. Of particular note are the delicious desserts the country has to offer from the decadently rich chocolate sphere to the sweet and creamy cheesecake and everything in between. Three of the best restaurants to visit if you want to find delicious desserts in Dubai. Take a look at this short list of dessert in Dubai.

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3 Restaurants to eat Dessert in Dubai

If you’re a resident looking to find a new sweet treat, or a visitor looking to simply find something new, here are three great places in Dubai where you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

DipnDip Chocolate Café
A chocolate lovers delight, the DipnDip Chocolate Café is a dream come true for chocoholics. Created by two friends who shared a vision to make chocolate desserts that were both unique and fun. The café is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds as visitors are allowed to watch the master chefs prepare all the chocolaty creations on the menu. It’s a true theatrical experience for visitors as you watch the cafe’s signature chocolate pour, drizzling it from a high height over the deserts. From crepes drizzled with chocolate to frozen and hot drinks, DipnDip Chocolate Café will have every lover of chocolate smiling.

3 Restaurants to eat Dessert in Dubai

Home Bakery
Home Bakery was founded by Hind Al Mulla in the kitchen of her home and was born out of a natural love of baking custom cakes in Dubai and a pure passion for desserts. The bakery grew in size due to the large social media following that couldn’t get enough of the irresistible desserts. The increase in demand for the delicious desserts that range from cakes and cookies to pastries and tarts, evolved the company from a small, home kitchen, to a large commercial business and in 2015, the Home Bakery flagship store was opened in Dubai. Every dessert made by Home Bakery is handmade to perfection, with great pride taken in the baking, presentation, and delivery of each product.

The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason
If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you should consider heading to the top floor of the famed British afternoon tea establishment, Fortnum & Mason. The Parlour restaurant at Fortnum and Mason is the ice cream aficionados dream come true. With a wide variety of ice creams available and the great toppings to accompany the sweet treats, visitors to the ice cream parlour won’t be disappointed. The award-winning ice cream creations are made with all natural ingredients, without additive or preservatives. Visitors to the ice cream parlour can choose from a list of customer favorite deserts like The Knickerbocker Glory or the Hokey Pokey, or they can choose to build their own sundae, with up to three scoops of their favorite ice cream, sauces, toppings, and sides.

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a great place to live and visit. The next time you’re in Dubai and are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out one of these Dubai restaurants that have some of the best desserts in the city.

Last Updated on May 13, 2023

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